We work hard to ensure we have the best prices on the best products, and that we back it up with the best customer service (to learn more check out our Best Price Guarantee). In our continuing effort to save you money we're announcing a reduction in the price of all of the marine heavy duty hose we carry for use in automated ballast systems. With this new lower price not only do you save even more money when shopping with us, but you'll also pay less than you would for standard clear PVC hose from Home Depot or Lowes, that doesn't perform nearly as well or last anywhere as long in the bilge of a boat.
Was: $1.69 Now $1.29 Buy Now » Was: $1.99 Now $1.49 Buy Now » Was: $2.56 Now $1.99 Buy Now » Was: $2.95 Now $2.49 Buy Now »
If you have any questions about the correct ballast hose for your particular application feel free to contact us for expert advice.