Drysuit’s are a must have for those of us that don’t live in climates that stay warm year around. These suits are designed to keep you warm and comfortable in cool water conditions. They are especially great because you can extend your season way beyond what you ever thought.

WakeMAKERS.com carries two different drysuit styles from O’Neill. The O'Neill Boost Drysuit is a full membrane drysuit that keeps your body completely dry. The second drysuit is the O’Neill Assault Hybrid Drysuit. It features a membrane top and a neoprene bottom, so you can layer your upper body but your legs are only covered with a 3MM neoprene.

We get emails from customers all year long about which drysuit is the best option for their riding style and water temperatures. So, we decided to put this guide together to help people figure out what drysuit will be the best option for them.

First, let’s go into more detail about each drysuit. O'Neill Boost Drysuit

The O’Neill Boost Drysuit is a full baggy membrane drysuit so you stay completely dry except for your feet, hands, and head. I’ve gotten out of my car in 50 degree water and put on the Boost and taken a few wakesurf sets without changing out of my jeans and sweatshirt. Once I finished I unzippped the drysuit and hung out on the boat… completely dry! This is a huge selling point for a lot of our customers. If you are sensitive to the cold or just want to be able to extend your season the O’Neill Boost is simply the best cold water option there is.

Key Features for the O'Neill Boost Drysuit

-Fully integrated suspenders allow you to easily adjust the "hang" of the drysuit

-Horizontal dry zipper

-Neoprene neck which is much more comfortable than traditional rubber seals

-Completely dry

O'Neill Assault Hybrid Drysuit

The O’Neill Assault Hybrid Drysuit is a membrane and neoprene suit hence the hybrid name. This suit doesn’t keep you quite as warm as the Boost but it does have some other noticeable benefits. First off, the Assault has a bit less drag because it’s not a full baggy suit. For this reason the Assault Hybrid is very popular with competitive waterskiers and wakeboarders. If you are riding in 55+ degree water temperatures year round the Assault might be a better option.

Key Features for the O'Neill Assault Hybrid Drysuit

-Removable ankle cinches provide the option for a range of users in the same size suit

-Wetsuit constructed lower body cuts down on drag and eliminated excess material

-Baggy upper allows for layering

Both the Assault and the Boost come with a Limited 1-Year Warranty on all defects. If for some reason you have an issue with your drysuit O'Neill will repair or replace it free of charge.

Drysuit Accessories

Keeping your core warm is essential to having a fun time out on the water, but a lot of times people overlook the importance of keep your extremities warm and comfortable as well. We carry a large selection of O'Neill Hoods, Gloves, and Booties that are designed to keep the rest of your body warm during your cold-water excursions.

O'Neill Heat Ninja ST Boot 3MM $32.95

O'Neill DL Psycho Glove 1.5MM $46.95

O'Neill 3MM Coldwater Hood $46.95

If you have any additional questions about the O'Neill Boost or Assault Drysuits feel free to give one of our friendly experts a call at (888) 338-6085 or send us an email at sales@wakemakers.com.