When Mastercraft introduced the X14V, and it's direct drive brother, the X14, they unknowingly created a cult favorite that delivered multi-discipline performance. Equipped with the Mastercraft's ballast solution, this model ended up going head-to-head with the likes of Malibu's Wakesetter VTX and the Nautique 200V.

As good as the surf and wakeboard makes were (for a relatively low mass v-drive trying to offer soft and flat ski wakes at speed), with a little more ballast, the performance really comes alive. That's where our new CustomFIT Ballast Upgrade offered for the X14V in our Mastercraft Piggyback Upgrade solution comes into play.

The creative packaging Mastercraft used when designing and engineering the X14V results in some strangely shaped rear lockers. To really make maximum use of the space and offer the most capacity possible, an off-the-shelf bag just won't work, and don't listen to anyone that tells you otherwise. Our CustomFIT X14V bags offer a real loaded capacity over more than 495lbs, which means 1,000lbs of additional weight at the rear of the boat for the best possible wakes and waves.

If you have a Mastercraft X14V that you're trying to get the most performance out of, what are you waiting for, you need this upgrade!