Our Portland Trail Blazers Are In The Playoffs!

As you may (or may not) know, we're located in Portland, OR, home of great coffee, fixed gear bikes, and most importantly, the Portland Trailblazers.  Growing up in Oregon, the Dream Team was a part of our childhood, so after some rough years, and suffering through the Jail Blazers, it's great to finally have a team to be proud of.

Game 3 is coming up tomorrow night in Houston, and you can be sure we'll be tuning in.

Designed out of a lifelong curiosity of what it feels like to fly, the Hover Glide Wake has re-invigorated the boating experience completely. Fly behind virtually ANY towboat, and have the ride of your life regardless of conditions, wake size, etc. It’s like flying an airplane with your feet. Riding the Foil takes you back to the good ‘ol days of learning a new discipline behind the boat and the grin from ear to ear that follows is inevitable.

Liquid Force WAKEFOIL

Foil Fun Behind Any Boat

The WAKEFOIL is fun behind any boat. Whether you have a brand new wakeboard boat, an older direct drive ski boat, or even a jet ski, the WAKEFOIL is equally fun behind any boat. You don’t need a giant wave or a new, expensive boat to feel the thrill of riding a foil.

Liquid Force WAKEFOIL

Foiling Is Fun In Any Water

You don’t need glassy water to ride the foil. Elevated above the water, the foil feels buttery smooth even in choppy water. You don’t need to have flat water to hop on the foil and have the ride of your life.

Liquid Force WAKEFOIL

Surf Multiple Wakes

The WAKEFOIL can be surfed directly behind the boat on the first wake or for more of a challenge, grab the wakeboard rope and surf the foil way back on the second or third wake. You’ll surely turn heads and grab attention on the lake when you are surfing 80 ft. back from the boat.

The Hover Glide is designed for easy learning, user-friendly progression, stability, smooth handling, and streamline storage when not in use. The foil provides lift at low speeds and has a bottom-heavy weight balance that promotes stability and easy handling. The WF1 Foil Wakesurf Board is 4'10" and will work for riders of all sizes. The foil package includes two masts: 15” and 24” that allows beginners to start small and step up as they progress. The incremental lengths are designed for ease of progression. The concept is simple: start with the shorter, more manageable mast until you get the hang of it, then graduate to the longer, more versatile mast when you’re ready. Get ready for takeoff.

Slingshot Hover Glide Wake Foil Complete Package

What’s Included in Slingshot Foil Package

  • -WF1 4’ 10” Foil Wakesurf Board
  • -Hover Glide FWAKE Foil
  • -Front Wing + Rear Wing, Hardware, and Shim
  • -15” and 24” Masts
  • -Pedestal & Standard Fuselage
  • -Wake Foil Academy Full Learning Course

Slingshot Hover Glide FSurf Foil Set

Surf Foil Option

If you want to let go of the rope and surf the wake on your foil, this is the wing to do it with. Surf the first, second, or even third wake behind the boat! Slingshot’s FSurf Foil Set includes their H2 wing which has a larger surface area for lots of lift at slower speeds, making it easier to take flight. The larger wing on the surf foil option makes tapping into the sweet spot of the wake quite a bit easier. The most popular option in the Slingshot Hover Glide Foil Package.

Slingshot Hover Glide FWake Foil Set

Wake Foil Option

Slingshot’s FWake Foil Set includes their most versatile H5 wing, designed for all-around freeride performance. You can surf the wave at slower speeds or grab the wakeboard rope and ride it at more typical wakeboard speeds. Lets you foil behind any boat, in any condition. A user-friendly foil wing that any competent wakeboarder or wakesurfer should get the hang of quickly.

Slingshot Hover Glide Foil Package

Different Mast Size, Totally Different Ride

The complete package includes the 15” and 24” masts. Once you’ve learned the basics of foil riding, elevate your game by upgrading with either the 30” or 35.4” mast to fly high above the water.

Slingshot Hover Glide Foil Wake Board FCS II Fin Boxes

Foil Board Includes FCS II Fin Boxes

The Foil Board now includes FCS II fin boxes so that you can also ride it as a traditional wakesurf board when you are not foil riding. The set of FCS II wakesurf fins are available as an upgrade on the Hover Glide Foil Wake Complete Package.

Slingshot Foil Half Straps

Half Straps (Upgrade Option)

The Slingshot Foil Half Straps do not come standard with this Foil Wake Package but are available as an upgrade. These are one size fits all and are perfect for those just learning to ride the foil. You can easily adjust the stance and angle based on personal preference. Really easy to step out of during a crash for added safety.

Slingshot Foil Surf Straps

Surf Straps (Upgrade Option)

The Slingshot Foil Surf Straps do not come standard with this Foil Wake Package but are available as an upgrade. A universal size, everyone on the boat can use these as they are easily adjustable for a correct fit. Stay strapped to the board for improved control and confidence riding.

Slingshot Foil Wakesurf Fins

Wakesurf Fins (Upgrade Option)

The Slingshot Foil comes standard with FCS fin boxes so that it can be rode like a normal wakesurf board when you are not foiling. Available as a foil package upgrade, include these fins so that you can wakesurf your foil board too.