Diagnosing Propeller Problems on Wakeboard Boat

I Dinged My Prop

First off, don't get down on yourself for dinging a prop. It happens to the best of us! If you spend time boating, you will eventually damage your prop. No need to dwell on it. Instead, get a new prop and get back out on the water having fun!

My Current Prop's Performance is Unsatisfactory

Boat is Slow to Plane

Many times after adding additional ballast to the boat, our customers aren't satisfied with the performance of their current prop. Most often it is due to not having the "hole shot" or low-end power to get the boat onto plane. The quick fix for this is to upgrade into a more aggressive prop. Use our exclusive WakeMAKERS Prop Finder Tool to find the recommended props for your year, make, and model boat. You'll want to choose one of the more aggressive props (reduced pitch) that will give you the low-end power to get out of the hole and onto plane while wakeboarding or wakesurfing.

Boat is Vibrating

Any blems in the pitch, camber, and overall shape of the prop will cause the boat to vibrate when running. Inspect the prop to see if there is any noticeable damage. Even if you don't see anything, the prop likely is slightly out of balance. Even a tiny imbalance in the pitch of the prop can cause vibrations.

I Hit Something With My Prop

This one is easy to diagnose. You likely hit a rock, ran onto a sandbar, or rode over a submerged log. The result is likely a bent blade, a nick, or even chunks of the prop missing. Even if your prop looks fine, you should still get it checked out anytime you run over or hit something. Many times the prop will cosmetically look fine but the performance of the prop is hindered after hitting an object.

Can I Repair My Damaged Prop?

Depending on the condition of your damaged prop, it is possible to get it repaired. However, it likely will never fully return to its original condition and performance. We do not offer repair and/or tuning service but there are many companies across the country that specialize in this. Ask your local boat dealer who they suggest in the nearby area or give us a call at 888-338-6085 and one of our prop experts can direct you to a prop repair center.

If you do repair your damaged prop, our suggestion is to still purchase a new prop to put on the boat and to keep the now repaired prop in your boat as a backup option. That leads us to our next topic of discussion...

Be Prepared and Always Carry an Extra Prop

We can't stress this enough... always carry an extra prop in your boat. Whether you are on your local waterway or on your big camping trip of the summer, nothing ruins a day on the water quite like a dinged prop with no backup option.

Must-Have Prop Accessories

Removing the prop on your boat is much faster and easier when you have the right tools with you.