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Tech Tuesday #13: Weighting a Malibu XTi for Wakesurfing

The Malibu XTi can be a tricky boat to weight for wakesurfing based on the amount of room we have to work with. We have had many customers that actually produce great wakes behind the direct drive Malibu's so it is possible.

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Tech Tuesday #8: Wakesurf Board Construction Styles Explained

Wakesurfing has quickly become the fastest growing watersport over the last few years. This explosion has also meant that more and more companies are investing in R&D and coming out with better construction methods and more advanced shapes.

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Choosing The Right Wakesurf Board

Wakesurfing is the newest boardsport to hit the waterways, but it’s quickly becoming the most popular watersport because of the amazing feeling that comes from being pushed by the wave left behind by your boat.

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Weighting a V-Drive Boat For Wakesurfing

We answer a lot of questions pertaining to the subject of "how to weight a v-drive boat for wakesurfing". Instead of diving into the details about filling and draining I am going to keep this simple.

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Ballast Guide: Weighting Your Boat for Wakesurfing

Not satisfied with the surf wake behind your boat? This guide will cover how to weight your boat in order to create that perfect surf wake.

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