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Diagnosing Propeller Problems on a Wakeboard Boat

Learn how to diagnose issues with your propeller and improving the overall performance of your boat.

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Nautique G Series Added to the Prop Finder

It's been almost two years since Nautique unveiled their latest performance driven boat, the G23. Since then, multiple riders have landed 1080's behind its massive wake and a ton of surf sessions have been enjoyed with the assistance of the Nautique Surf System (NSS).

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Props 101: Basics of Inboard Boat Propellers

Shopping for a new propeller, whether it's simply to replace a damaged one, or because you're looking for better performance, can be a confusing process.

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Choosing a Wakeboard Propeller For High Elevation

When wakeboarding or wakesurfing at high elevations there is a noticeable decrease in the power output at wide open throttle. Air contains less oxygen at higher altitudes resulting in a much longer amount of time it will take the boat to get up on plane.

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Propeller Basic Measurements

Learn the basics of propeller dimensions so you can make comparisons between different props and how they will perform on your boat.

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Change Your Propeller With The Acme Harmonic Puller

Check out this How-To Change a prop using the Acme Harmonic Puller video.

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Propeller Pitch Explained

We explain what propeller pitch is, how it impacts performance of your boat, and how to choose the propeller with the correct pitch for your application.

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Do I Need a 4 Blade Propeller for Wakeboarding?

There is a common misconception that 4 blade propellers deliver increased performance and are more efficient than 3 blade propellers.

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How-To: Change Your Inboard Propeller In 10 Minutes

This simple video on How To change your inboard boat propeller video will save you time before you get underneath the boat. Don't let a damaged prop ruin your time on the water.

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FAQ: What's the difference between 3 blade and 4 blade propellers

One of the most common questions we're asked is what is the difference between a 3 blade and 4 blade propeller, and which one is right for me.Read More