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Plug N Play Factory Ballast Upgrades Available for 2018 Malibu Boat Models

WakeMAKERS now has Plug N Play Factory Ballast Upgrades for all 2018 Malibu Wakesetter models and the M235.

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WakeMAKERS Factory Ballast Upgrades Explained

The WakeMAKERS Factory Ballast Upgrades are designed to directly integrate into your boat's existing ballast system and install improve your wake. Learn all about exactly what it is, how it works, and of course... the results.

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WakeMAKERS Reversible Pump Timer Module

We are looking for customers to test out our new reversible pump timer module in their boat's WakeMAKERS complete ballast system.

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Technology Behind WakeMAKERS UniversalFIT Rear Bags

Learn all about the technology behind our UniversalFIT Rear bags and why they are a good fit for your boat.

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Sumo Max Flow Retrofit

Retrofit your Sumo Max Flow ballast pump to your older Sumo Sac ballast bags with this rubber gasket that will create a water tight seal

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Filling & Draining Eight.3 Telescope Ballast

Parks Bonifay shows you how simple, quick, and easy it is to fill and drain your Eight.3 Telescope ballast system

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Measuring Your Boat for the Perfect Custom Wakeboard Ballast Bag

Maximize the capacity of your boat with a new Custom Ballast Bag from WakeMAKERS. Our custom bags are the most durable and functional option for optimizing your boat's storage compartment with water ballast.

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Ballast 101: Basics of Adding Ballast to Your Boat

In order to get a better wake from your boat, regardless of what type of boat you have, you need to add additional weight. Extra weight results in a bigger wake and can also be used sculpt the shape of the wake.

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2005-2011 Malibu Super Piggy Back Ballast System Parts List

For customers with 2005-2011 Malibu models looking for a faster auxiliary system we've outlined our "Super Piggyback" option in this article.

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