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Ballast 101: Basics of Adding Ballast to Your Boat

In order to get a better wake from your boat, regardless of what type of boat you have, you need to add additional weight. Extra weight results in a bigger wake and can also be used sculpt the shape of the wake.

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Ballast System Layout Diagram Gallery

This gallery includes all of the individual ballast system diagrams that we've ever generated in one convenient location.  This is by no means a complete compilation of every possible layout, but it does cover most of the basics, and with a little creativity you should be able to tweak one of the below layouts to meet your needs.  As always, if you have specific questions, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help you out.

You can find all of the components listed in these diagrams in our Wakeboard Ballast Parts category.

Basic Aerator Pump System   Aerator Pump System Shared Drain / Vent Thru-Hull Using Vented Loop Anti Siphon Valve On Fill Line (Below Waterline Ballast Bag)   Aerator Pump System Shared Drain / Vent Thru-Hull Using Check Valve On Fill Line (Above Waterline Ballast Bag)   Dual Aerator Pump System Single Intake   Basic Jabsco Impeller Pump System   Basic Johnson Impeller Pump System   Jabsco Impeller Pump System (Drains above the water line) Jabsco Impeller Pump System With Shared Vent/Drain Port (Drains above the water line) 2008 Malibu VLX Super Piggy Back With Auxiliary Drain Pump on the Fly High Enzo Sac (Shares Factory Vent/Drain Ports) Johnson Ultra Ballast Impeller Pump System (Drains above the water line)    

2005-2011 Malibu Super Piggy Back Ballast System Parts List

For customers with 2005-2011 Malibu models looking for a faster auxiliary system we've outlined our "Super Piggyback" option in this article.

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Malibu HI FLO Plug N Play Ballast System Explained (UPDATED)

If you purchase a 2013 Malibu that has a built date sometime in mid December it will have the newest Hi Flo PNP (Plug N' Play) system. The system is very simple and with the new Malibu hard tank design now a lot more efficient.

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Wiring Aerator Ballast Pump Switches

To help our customers install their Aerator Ballast Pumps (Rule 1100, Attwood Tsunami) we have developed the guide below. Aerator ballast pump systems are the easiest to wire as each pump has its own positive and negative terminals on the back of the ballast switch.

If you don't want to bother with figuring all of this out, consider picking up our Pre-wired Switch Connector for Aerator Pumps, which makes the install a plug-and-play process and will work with any aerator style ballast pump.

Wiring Johnson Ultra Ballast Pump Switches

This simple wiring diagram will help you install your new Johnson Ultra Ballast Pumps.

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Wiring Jabsco Ballast Puppy Pump Switches

Having trouble with the wiring for your new Jabsco Ballast Pump? Check out our wiring guide and do it right the first time.

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Easily Install 1-1/8" Fittings into 1" Ballast Hose

Learn how to easily install 1-1/8" fittings into 1" ballast hose with our informational video.

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WakeMAKERS Ballast Hose vs. the Other Stuff

You might think you can save yourself some cash by getting your PVC hose from stores like Home Depot. But in the end you're not doing yourself any favors. You'll actually be spending more and wasting more of your valuable time. Use a product that was made for your application.

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