O'Neill Boost Drysuit Buyer's Guide

WakeMAKERS.com is based in the Northwest, so we know what it's like to head out on your boat while there's still snow on the ground. The weapon of choice in our cold-water arsenal is the O'Neill Boost Drysuit.

The O'Neill Boost Drysuit protects you from the elements and it can help you extend your season indefinitely. There are two different drysuit options available from O'Neill (the Assault Hybrid and the Boost) but the Boost is the best option for cold water/air riding.

O'Neill Boost Drysuit»

The O'Neill Boost is hands down the best-selling wakeboard and waterski drysuit on the market right now. There are two main reasons why the Boost is the drysuit of choice for so many riders. The first reason is that you stay completely dry; you can layer up with your favorite sweatshirt and sweatpants and ride for hours without getting wet. The second reason is that you have amazing dexterity and freedom of movement. The Boost's baggy membrane layer is made with a 3-stretch ripstop nylon for added durability.

Riding Style

Our customers use the Boost for a wide variety of different water sports, including water skiing, wake boarding, and wake surfing. The versatility of the Boost makes it a great option for any sort of cool water activity. We've even had customers use it in their pool.

The O'Neill Boost Drysuit is also a great option if you're interested in sharing your drysuit with someone else. The Boost's full baggy body and built in suspenders give you the option to let other riders of a similar size share the drysuit with you.

O'Neill Drysuit Size Chart 

The O'Neill Boost comes with fully integrated suspenders that allow you to quickly and easily adjust the fit and hang of the drysuit.

O'Neill Boost Drysuit Size Chart

The Boost also features one of the best warranties in the watersports accessory category. The Limited 1-Year Warranty covers all defects. If you have any issues with your drysuit within the first 365 days they will repair the defect or replace it free of charge.

O'Neill Drysuit Accessories

The O'Neill Boost will keep the main core of your body warm and dry, but you will also want to look at purchasing booties, gloves and possibly a hood if the outside or water temperature is low enough.

If you are wakesurfing or wakeboarding in cold water, Neoprene Socks are a must have for temperatures below 55F. We recommend the O'Neill Heat Socks  for wakeboarding and the O'Neill Heat Ninja Boots for wakesurfing.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to talk with one of our experts at (888) 338-6085 or email us at sales@wakemakers.com.