WakeMAKERS Stainless Steel Crimp Band Clamp

WakeMAKERS Stainless Steel Crimp Band Clamp


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Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer WakeMAKERS - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # 31004
Item # 31004


Make hoses for your upgraded wakeboard ballast system the same way the factory does with these crimp on band hose clamps.


Create a secure and perfect connection when terminating ballast hose. These are the same crimp band clamps used at the factory, so your new hoses will look like they came with your boat. Low profile design prevents ropes and gear from snagging, and no sharp edges means there's no chance of being cut when getting gear out of compartments.

What Size To Use

Sizes listed match the size we list for hose and fittings and are NOT the inside diameter of the clamps. Basically, choose the same size clamp as the size of hose that you're using, so for 3/4" hose and fittings, select 3/4" clamps, for 1" hose and fittings, select 1" clamps, etc. If you have questions about selecting the correct size clamp, please contact us.

NOTE: Requires special crimping tool (sold separately, see recommended accessories) to properly secure clamps, although we have had customers use various pliers to secure clamps.

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  • 7/11/2014
    Keep your upgrade looking clean.

    Easy to use & great for situations where you do not want sharp edges. I've used these on my last (2) boat ballast upgrades no issues.

  • 5/18/2011
    Good for sac fittings but not recommended for below the water line hoses

    I bought these with the plan to use them just about everywhere in my system. They look good, are low profile and leave no sharp edges. Great for the connections at the bags that people will see.

    They can't be torqued down very tight though so I decided not to trust them for connections below the water line (i.e places where a hose popping off of a fitting could sink my boat if it went unnoticed). Fittings with a naturally tight fit like the check valves and Flow-Rite fittings worked fine with these clamps. The 3/4" wyes were not a very tight fit though and leaked no matter how tight I crimped these clamps. I had to switch those over to a typical worm drive type clamp.