Malibu PiggyBack Rear Factory Ballast Upgrade



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Warranty 2 Years
Manufacturer WakeMAKERS - view brand page
Item # 42401


The PiggyBack Factory Ballast Upgrade improves the total capacity in each rear locker to over 1,000 lbs. by integrating custom fitted WakeMAKERS Rear LBS bags above the existing 250 lb. factory hard tanks.


Our exclusive Malibu PiggyBack ballast upgrade solution has been completely re-engineered for far faster draining, and even easier installation.

Unlock your boat's performance by adding over four times the capacity to the factory ballast system.

The factory rear hard tank in your boat currently holds 250 pounds of water. Our PiggyBack upgrade will allow you to add an additional ballast bag on top of the factory system for over 1,000 pounds of wake building capacity in each rear locker! Just imagine the improvement in the surf wake you'll see with that much additional weight.

LBS Ballast Bag Features

WakeMAKERS LBS Ballast Bags

The WakeMAKERS Locker Ballast Solution (LBS) ballast bags give you the fit of a custom bag without the lofty price tag. Designed to mimic the actual shape of the rear lockers in a v-drive boat, the bags feature a sloped front panel and gradually get wider at the top. The result is a truer fit that results in more capacity (a bigger wake!)

Available in a multitude of sizes, you can be sure that the LBS bag selected for your ballast upgrade will fit and perform much better than a standard off-the-shelf ballast bag.

Made for Malibu Boats

Made for Malibu Boats

Designed specifically for the boat they will be installed in, our Malibu PiggyBack upgrade systems are guaranteed to fit and perform perfectly. Trust the experts that your system will work exactly as you expect, because it's made just for your boat.

Quick Connect Fittings

Direct Connect System

The pre-terminated hoses and Flow-Rite Qwik-Lok fittings give it and OEM factory look while making it easy to remove the bags for routine cleaning, additional storage, or winterization.

DIY Installation

DIY Installation

Our PiggyBack upgrades are designed to be installed quickly and easily by you! In fact, the entire installation can be performed with just a screwdriver and many customers tell us they finish the installation in less than 15 minutes. Oh, and did we mention it's completely reversible with no modifications if you decide to sell your boat?

Of course if you would prefer to let the professionals handle it, any dealership or marine service center will be happy to take care of the installation for you.

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  • 8/22/2016
    Good but has some frustrating quirks
    Nolan Miller

    First I'm going to say I have gotten two of these and isntalling them was not as easy as they say. I averaged about one and a half hours installing one. Also if you are planning to fill them fully you will need the divider supports. Figured that out the hard way as we were filling it we blew a divider panel as it was filling. The thing that makes me the most angry about these so far is that the fittings for the bag cross thread very easily. I do not know exactly why they do this but now I have cross threaded it three times now! Other then that they fill and work great.