The best quality and performance, no exceptions allowed.

Since its inception, Nautique's mission has been simple; have an unrelenting obsession with building the highest quality boat possible. Whether you're talking about build quality, wake quality, or the quality of the ownership experience, that desire is evident around every corner of owning and riding behind a Nautique.

It's no purpose then that Nautique and WakeMAKERS have so much in common, since both brands are committed to building the best possible products. Look to our Piggyback and TankBuster factory ballast upgrades to offer the best wave performance, along with the fit-and-finish and performance you've come to expect from your Nautique. Our ballast upgrade solutions for Nautique wakeboard boats use only the highest quality components, ensuring they fit and perform just like they came from the factory.

  • Factory wakeboard ballast upgrade kits

    Ballast Upgrades

    For boats with ballast built-in, our factory wakeboard ballast upgrades add weight without costing a ton.

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  • Wakeboard Ballast Bags

    Ballast Bags

    The largest selection of wakeboard ballast bags available anywhere, so you can find the perfect fit.

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  • Wakeboard Boat Propellers


    Let us help you find the perfect propeller to unlock hidden performance and economy, especially with ballast.

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