The ultimate performance behind the boat.

Mastercraft is dedicated to creating top of the line wakeboard, wakesurf, and waterski boats. It’s hard to believe more than a decade has passed since the original Mastercraft X-Star hit the water, but the vision has remained the same; create the best wakes that the world has ever ridden.

We take the fantastic foundation Mastercraft has built, and extend it with our industry exclusive factory ballast upgrade solutions and Exact-Fit ballast bag solutions. From our TankBuster upgrades for the original X-Star to our unique Piggyback solution for brand new boats, we have everything you need to maximize the performance behind your Mastercraft, no matter what year it was built.

With the largest and most trusted database of propeller applications, we also make it easy to get the best performance from your Mastercraft no matter how you weight it or use it.

Moomba boat propeller applications
V-Drive Boat Model Recreational / Everything Wakeboard / WakeSurf High Elevation / Heavily Weighted
2012-2016 Moomba Mojo 2.5 ACME 1941 ACME 1235 ACME 2079
2004-2013 Moomba XLV ACME 1939 ACME 1433 ACME 1617
2016 Moomba Craz ACME 1941 ACME 1235 ACME 2079
2002-2015 Moomba LSV ACME 1939 ACME 1433 ACME 1617
2014-2016 Moomba Mondo ACME 1941 ACME 1235 ACME 2079
2002-2003 Moomba Outback V ACME 537 ACME 1939 ACME 1433
2006-2015 Moomba Outback V ACME 537 ACME 1939 ACME 1433
Moomba boat propeller applications
Direct Drive Boat Model WaterSki / Barefoot Recreational / Everything High Elevation
2004-2008 Moomba LS (Direct Drive) ACME 541 ACME 543 ACME 1229

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