Mastercraft X-Star PiggyBack Rear Factory Ballast Upgrade (2003-2011)

Mastercraft X-Star PiggyBack Rear Factory Ballast Upgrade (2003-2011)
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Warranty 2 Years
Manufacturer WakeMAKERS - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # 42312
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The 2003 to 2011 MasterCraft X-Stars is a special boat, which is why we offer a special factory integration solution made just for it.


The pickle fork version of the MasterCraft X-Star, released in 2003, changed the sport of wakeboarding for ever. The large yet consistent wake made this boat special. For years the “Pro Level” wake was only available to those select few that had the resources and knowledge to weight it correctly. Not only was the complete Pro Tour Ballast System Upgrade expensive, but it was also hard to install and required drilling into your boat. This was unacceptable to us, so we engineered a ballast system that integrated seamlessly to your MasterCraft's factory ballast system.

The WakeMakers exclusive MasterCraft X-Star Rear PiggyBack Ballast System will allow you to install a single bag on one particular side to produce a wakesurfing wave or add one to either side to increase the size and shape of the wakeboard wake. What ever sport you choose know that your new system will be controlled using the switches on your dash, and can be filled or drained while underway to your favorite riding spot.

How It Works:
The MasterCraft X-Star Rear PiggyBack Ballast Upgrade is designed to make use of the existing Jabsco Ballast Puppy pumps, hoses and switches in your boat. Expand the capacity of your factory rear ballast tanks from 250lbs. up to an incredible 1,350lbs. The X-Star hard tanks are further forward than all other X-Series boats in the line. For this reason we can’t use the standard MasterCraft PiggyBack Rear Factory Ballast Upgrade. As you fill the factory rear hardtanks air is released up and out through a vent hose. When the tanks reach their maximum capacity the water will flow through an extended hose into the bottom of the auxiliary ballast bag. Once that bag is at it’s full capacity water will overflow out the side of the boat. This process is reversed when draining. When water is discharged from the hard tank it is being replaced by water from the bag until both vessels are empty at which point the pump should be turned off.

This MasterCraft X-Star Rear PiggyBack Ballast Upgrade kit is designed to work with any MasterCraft X-Star produced between 2003 and 2011 that has factory rear ballast tanks installed below the floor of the boat and uses 1" hose connected to Jabsco Ballast Puppy pumps for filling and draining. Confirmed models include the following boats:

- 2003-2006 MasterCraft X-Star Wakeboard Boat
- 2007 MasterCraft X-Star Wakeboard Boat (NOTE: Requires new Jabsco AI Timer Module)
- 2008-2011 MasterCraft X-Star Wakeboard Boat (NOTE: Requires timer reprogramming, Download Instructions.)

The change to the factory ballast system is completely reversible. The entire process will take less than 45 minutes and will require a screw driver to remove and reinstall hose clamps. A utility knife might be needed to cut excess hose. This kit includes our pre terminated hose extensions and every other fitting needed to complete the installation.

For specific questions on fitment, and for possible compatibility with other models, please contact us.

ATTENTION: This factory ballast upgrade kit is sold individually. We sell systems individually so that customers can upgrade just one side of the boat for surfing if they would like. You will need to purchase two systems if you want additional ballast on both sides of the boat for wakeboarding or surfing regular and goofy. Contact us if you have any questions or need help determining the correct upgrade for your application.
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