Straight Line Sumo V Sac (750 lbs)

Straight Line Sumo V Sac (750 lbs)



This product has been discontinued and is no longer available. We recommend this alternative product instead.


Size 50"L x 20"W x 20"H
Ports 1 LINK fill, 2 fill/vent - 2 drain
Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer Straight Line - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # 2129083
Item # 11026


One of the most versatile wakeboard ballast bags available, the Sumo V 750 is one of our most popular products.


The 750 pound of capacity puts the Sumo V Sac squarely in the middle of the most competitive weight range for wakeboard ballast bags. Between the Fly High Fat Sac (750 pounds) and Eight.3 800 CTN bag (800 pounds), there's no shortage of options in what is our most popular size range year after year.

So what makes the Straight Line Sumo V Sac 750 special? When a customer asks me that question on the phone, my go to response is flexibility. Between the four 1" NPT ports and the Sumo exclusive LINK connector, there are no shortage of integration options. Combine that with incredibly durable construction, which includes blind taped inside seams for extra durability, and you have a bag that will not only last as long as you own your boat, but also handle to nearly any application you can dream up.

If you're looking for a ballast bag in the 700-800 pound range, typically for use in the rear lockers of a v-drive boat, definitely give the Straight Line Sumo V Sac 750 a long look.

Since 2011 Straight Line Sumo Sacs have been outfitted with three 1" NPT threaded ports allowing for the easiest integration into your factory ballast system.

If you're incredibly courageous you can even fill one on each side of the engine, along with an equal amount of weight in the front of the boat for the ultimate wakeboarding wake.

The Straight Line Sumo Sacs are the most flexible, puncture-resistant ballast bags available today. Sumo Sacs are made with a sandwiched, woven polyester core and have internally glued and taped seams for a nearly indestructible bag. The sandwich construction keeps them thin, so they are easy to fold up and store when not in use. Straight Line spent a lot of time measuring different boats to make sure that these square bags will fit anywhere on any boat.
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  • 6/15/2015
    Works nicely in the bow of Sea Ray bowrider
    Daniel Jarvis

    Added this bag to my Sea Ray 185 sport in the bow and the wake is awesome! Bag fills quickly with the super sumo pump and the link fill fitting is great!

  • 6/14/2013
    Great sac. would recommend to anyone

    This sumo sac is perfect on my ski nautique. yes, I use a ski nautique for wake boarding and with out the sumo sac getting any air at all wouldn't be much of a possibility. My favorite spot for the sac is to lay it across the back seat of of the nautique. This adds a ton of weight to the stern of the boat which in turn gives me a rather large wake. I want to get a smaller sac, 3-400 pounds to put in the bow of the boat to counter this rear weight which will hopefully make the wake longer and smoother. Overall great product that is very reliable, never had any leaks or issues with the filling ports, and it also drains quickly. Love this sac

  • 11/16/2012

    The link caps are more overflow of water!!!

  • 11/4/2012
    5 STARs

    bought two and the wake is INSANE. waksurf wake is huge and the wakeboarding wake makes me love my boat again. fills up/empties fast, fits perfectly and easily folded away when done. definitely recommend. Thanks wakemakers for fast shipping and low price. you guys are great