800x1 Ballast Bag & Elevate Turbo Pump Package

800x1 Ballast Bag & Elevate Turbo Pump Package

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Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer WakeMAKERS - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # 90244
Item # 50013


Package Includes: 800lb. WakeMAKERS Bag | Elevate Turbo Pump | All Necessary Fittings


The 800x1 Ballast Bag and Elevate Turbo Pump Package is designed to give your V-Drive Boat a nice surf-able wake. This is a great choice for boat owners that are just getting started with wakesurfing and it will give you a bigger and more forgiving wake to learn and progress on.

Go ropeless the easy way, and cut down the learning curve with this 800 pound wakeboard ballast bag solution that includes a pump. Ideal for just getting started with wakesurf.

What's Included
This package includes all fittings needed to use the Elevate Turbo ballast pump in conjunction with the one of the Wakemakers 800lb. Ballast bags.

Ballast Bag Specs
Name: WakeMakers Eight.3 800 Ballast Bag
Capacity: 800lbs.
Size: 50"L x 22"W x 20"H

Ballast Pump Specs
Name: Elevate Turbo Pump Package
Capacity: 1200GPH

This package will fill or drain in less than six minutes.

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  • 5/17/2015
    Great service, Knowledgable staff!
    Thomas Hyde

    I own a 2014 Yamaha AR192 JetBoat. This boat is not equipped from the factory with any ballast however it is equipped with a wake tower. I was introduced to wake surfing and also want to try wake boarding and decided I will need to add ballast to my boat. I am not one to like things that look added after the fact or take up limited seating etc so I set out to do a hidden ballast system. After talking to the crew at Wakemakers, they informed me that a single 750# bag is all I need for my boat, throw it surf side rear for surfing or in the ski locker for wake boarding. Being I wanted to hide it, I spent $50 and relocated my battery to free up space in the rear storage and we decided on the 8.3 CTN 800 Plug and Play. It fits the well nicely. Though it is slightly taller than my available space, it is slightly narrower than what I have so hoping it will fill out and make up the difference and achieve at least 750#. I am going to put it to the test Memorial Day weekend and will def. fill these guys in on its outcome. Either way, I am really happy with the service I received at Wakemakers!

  • 9/26/2014
    Great Service - Great product

    I'm in CT and had this in two days. The bag makes a BIG difference in terms of the wake quality. Pretty easy to set up, my only issue is I wish they had a case for the part that plugs into the outlet, I found mine rusted pretty easily. Either way, if you are looking to add to your wave, this doesn't take up too much space (it weighs a lot though!), and is very quick at filling up.

  • 7/11/2014
    Completely Satisfied

    Great deal and extremely fast processing. I ordered a pump and ballast bag combo on a Tuesday and it was delivered that Thursday (I live in Reno). The pump is relatively fast for being portable and the ballast bag is heavy duty. I will buy all my ballast components from WakeMakers in the future!