Elevate 720GPH Johnson Impeller Pump Ballast Kit

Elevate 720GPH Johnson Impeller Pump Ballast Kit

Elevate 720GPH Johnson Impeller Pump Ballast Kit



This product has been discontinued and is no longer available. We recommend this alternative product instead.


A ballast system featuring the Johnson Ultra Ballast pump that includes all of the plumbing you need to automate a single ballast location.

This kit includes includes all of the plumbing you need to install a fully automated wakeboard ballast system in your boat, just supply the electrical wire, your favorite size Fly High Pro X Series or Straight Line Sumo ballast sac and the appropriate bag fittings. Forget about hours of research, leave the decisions to the experts so you can be sure you get a fully functional turn-key solution that allows you to get on with more important things, like actually using your boat. We've done all the work for you in creating this package, all you need to do is decide which size ballast bags you want and then get ready to experience a fully automated ballast system. In order to offer the fastest possible fill and drain times we've included the Johnson Ultra Ballast reversible wakeboard ballast pump, which means your system will fill and drain in less time, and the installation is incredibly easy thanks to the reversible pump design.

If you want to automate more wakeboard ballast bags, just buy multiple kits, one for each of the ballast locations you'll be installing.

What's Included

- 3/4" Solid bronze intake hardware, including emergency ball valve
- Johnson Ultra Ballast Wakeboard Ballast Pump w/switch
- 1" Wakeboard Ballast System Hose (20 Feet)
- 1" Fly High Flow-Rite Quick Connect Elbow Fittings
- 1" Composite Thru-hull Vent Fittings With Stainless Steel Cap
- 1" Stainless Steel Hose Clamps
- Attwood Clear Marine Adhesive
- All necessary hardware and fittings

Recommended Accessories:

- Electrical Components: Shop Ballast System Electrical Parts or the Reversible Ballast Pump Install Kit
- Bag Fittings: Shop Male Fly High Bag Fittings or Male Straight Line Bag Fittings

Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer WakeMAKERS - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # 41005
Item # 41005


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  • 4/18/2016

    Factory Ballast Inlet and Pump Upgrade

    Upgraded a 2001 MB B52 220v ballast system to one recommended by the guys at Wakemakers. Kit included New 1 inch thru-Hulls, Full Port Valves, 1 inch hose, and two Johnson 720 pumps. Old Factory System took 20-30 min to full 1600 lbs of factory ballast. With the new one inch system and pumps my fill time for 1600 lbs has been reduced to just at 5 minutes! Very impressed! Thanks again Bryan!

    Matt Brimmer

  • 2/14/2013

    Fastest Ballast System

    The johnson ultra ballast pump is fast but I had no idea it was going to fill/drain the bags in my rear compartment in 4 minutes. I installed two of these systems in my Yamaha AR230 and boy did it make a difference. I don't use my Tsunami pump anymore. When we are ready to wakeboard I flip the switches at the dash and listen to that beautiful sound. I turn up my music of course.

    We ended up adding some components to the system so that we could "drain above the water line". Took some extra hose, two 1" tees and three check valves. I like my music and didn't want to leave the pumps on when they were done draining so now I just watch the water spill out the side of my boat.

    Not to toot my own horn but I did install this system myself in the drive way. Dealer quoted me $1600 to install my two bag system and I paid $900 total. It did take an entire Saturday and half of sunday to finish but boy does it look nice. Thanks to Kyle for running me through how to connect the switches and wiring. That was the hardest part.

    Steve Norris


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