400x2 Ballast Bag & Tsunami Pump Package

Direct Drive Ballast Package


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Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer Fly High - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # 50004
Item # 50004


Package Includes: 2x400lb. Fly High V-Drive Sac | Tsunami Pump | All Necessary Fittings


If you have a Direct Drive waterski boat you know that weighting it for wakeboarding and wakesurfing can be a huge challenge. Let us help you build a great wake with our WakeMAKERS Direct Drive Ballast Package.

This Direct Drive Ballast Package includes a pair of 400 pound fat sacs, giving you 800 pounds of total capacity with the flexibility to distribute the weight in multiple locations depending on if you're using the boat for wakesurfing or wakeboarding. Place a sac on either side of the engine compartment for the best wakeboard wake. When you are ready to surf move one sac behind the engine compartment.

What's Included:

This package includes all fittings needed. Two of Fly High's Pro X Series V-Drive Sacs, which are 42"L x 16"W x 16"H and weigh 400 pounds each. It also includes Attwood's Tsunami ballast pump for speedy filling and draining.

How to use them:

For wakeboarding: fill one bag on each side of the engine compartment to evenly weight the boat from front-to-rear and side-to-side.

For wakesurfing: Move one bag behind the engine compartment so you have an L shaped configuration on the side of the boat you'll be surfing on. Getting a great wake has never been so simple!

Ballast Bag Specs:

Name: Fly High Pro X Series V-Drive Sacs Model: W713 Capacity: 400lbs. (each) Size: 42"L x 16"W x 16"H (each)

Ballast Pump Specs:

Name: Tsunami Ballast Pump Model: W709 Capacity: 1200GPH
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  • 8/21/2014
    Great value

    Bought these for my 2004 Tige 20i. Placed one in the rear locker and in the bow walk thru for wakeboarding. Great improvement and wake size. For surfing I left the sac in the rear locker and one in the rear corner we surf. Great wake and had great push. I think I will add a 750# bag for the rear locker next and run the other 400# sacs in the bow walk thru for wakeboarding and the other on the surf side for surfing. Great construction and when empty can be folded up for easy storage. The pump fills fast. Great alternative to a plumbed system.

  • 8/8/2013
    Meets my expectations

    Fly High Pro X Series V-Drive Sac Set & Tsunami Ballast Pump - 400 lbs in the rear corner and in the bow definitely improve the wake but still need more tuniing for a better wake on the MasterCraft X2. May need to buy an additional sac. Bags are tough, pump is fast. My neighbor tried my sacs in his Centurion and ordered his own Fly high sacs the next week including a 700 lb sac for the bow.

  • 7/17/2011
    Nice package

    I purchased this system for my 2003 Moomba Outback (direct drive). Being new to the ballast scene, I didn't want to commit to a built in system. I really like the flexibility and simplicity of this system. There when I want it, out when I don't. I put one sack on each side of the engine. It's enough weight to build a nice wakeboard wake.

    Most important, the pump fills these bags fast. About 10 min for both bags. Pump fills and emptys. The fittings are solid, and not cheap.

    I would buy again.