2017 CWB Dash Kids' Wakesurf Board

2017 CWB Dash Kids' Wakesurf Board




This product has been discontinued and is no longer available.


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Item # P5717


It is scientifically proven that smaller boards are easier for kids to ride. This 44” CWB Dash kid’s board is the perfect first wakesurf board for the little one in your life.


You don’t put your child on an adult sized bike so why would you do that for wakesurfing? Well… we aren’t quite sure, but we see it far too often. Smaller boards designed specifically for the children on the boat are easier to start with, handle, and maneuver.

The Dash is the perfect size for younger riders at just 44 inches. A skim style shape, the wider belly of the board gives it added stability and forgiveness. Sharper rails help the board engage and stay with the wave even with smaller, lighter riders. The flat, featureless bottom of the board helps to generate the maximum speed possible. Configured with three fins, this board can be rode as a single, twin, or thruster. Riding with less fins creates a looser feel while more fins will help give more grip and control in your turns.

A compression molded board, the Dash is built similar to how a wakeboard is built. While making it heavier than some other wakesurf boards, compression molded boards offer the most in durability. Your child’s board will surely take a beating. No need to worry with this board as it won’t ding or crack easily.

Introduce your child to wakesurfing the right way. Get them on the CWB Dash and have them surfing the endless wave in no time.

CWB Dash Kid’s Features

  • -Skim Style
  • -Compression Molded Construction
  • -Flat Base
  • -Single Skim Fin
  • -CNC Diamond Cut EVA Pad W/ Kicktail
  • -Designed For: Kids

Skim Style Board

Skim Style

A skim style board is popular for doing spins, airs, and skate inspired tricks behind the boat. If you are looking to get tricky surfing the endless wave, a skim board is the best option. We recommend a skim style wakesurf board for advanced riders only.

Thruster Fin Setup


The most popular fin setup for good reason. The outside fins help generate speed down the line while the center fin offers stability and control. Even better, it can be rode as a single or twin fin as well. This setup excels in almost all conditions.

Round Tail Board Shape

Round Tail

The same grip that you experience with a pin tail but a looser, more playful feel due to the increased surface area. Maintains speed well and allows for smooth, stylish turns. A great “all around” shape for most conditions.

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