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The right wakeboarding vest is key not only for safety and comfort, but for maximizing fun out on the water with family and friends. Life vests are so crucial for boaters and water sports that the United States Coast Guard requires their use in federal waters. As its name implies, a life jacket saves lives - if a mishap occurs, a life jacket will keep the wearer's head above water.

When deciding on a life vest, you'll want to balance buoyancy and bulkiness. You need a life jacket that provides ample flotation, but is also comfortable enough to wear for long periods, whether on the wakeboard, in the water or on the boat.

WakeMAKERS offers an extensive selection of premium wakeboard vests, including women's, men's and youths' life jackets. Whether you shop online or visit our store in Bend, Oregon, you'll have access to our carefully curated collection of vests from top brands like Body Glove, Connelly and Mystic, as well as Follow, Hyperlite and Jetpilot. You will also find gear from Liquid Force, O'Neill, Ronix and many other familiar names.

Not sure which vest is right for you? Our team of product experts is ready to help. Give us a call at 888-338-6085 or send us an email at support@wakemakers.com.

Comp Style Vests

CGA Life jackets

CGA Versus Comp Style

You'll come across two kinds of available wakeboard life jackets: USCG and comp vests. CGA vests are United States Coast Guard-approved and meet state and federal guidelines where personal flotation devices are required by law. Comp vests, short for competition wakeboard vests, are not Coast Guard-approved, so they will only meet state requirements where USCG-grade life preservers are not mandated.

A wakeboard comp vest tends to have less flotation, making it lighter and less restrictive. Many wakeboarders prefer these vests because they are more comfortable and provide more freedom of movement. CGA vests, on the other hand, are bulkier than the comp vests, but are more buoyant and better suited to emergency situations. Because many states require USCG-approved vests on watercraft, these tend to be more popular.

No matter which style you prefer, we've got you covered. From Comp Style Vests to CGA Life Jackets, WakeMAKERS has something to keep you comfortable and afloat.

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