Shipping Wake Boat Props To Canada! is excited to announce less expensive shipping services for our Canadian customers. Riders north of the US deserve the same fast and affordable access to the full line of wakeboard boat propellers available to our customers in the United States. We've worked hard to reduce our costs, so you can get the best possible wakeboard boat PROP without spending more than you would locally, and without waiting for weeks to get your gear.

Why Buy Wakeboard boat propellers From WakePROPS?

There are many reasons to buy your wakeboard boat propellers from, but here are a few specifically for our Canadian customers.

  • - You'll save money by buying your prop at and having us ship it directly to your door, even when you factor in the cost of shipping. We are able to maintain lower prices based on the the fact that we do not charge any sales taxes on our side of the border coupled with the great exchange rates because of a strong CAD.
  • - You get the convenience of shopping from your couch, with delivery to your door in just a few days.
  • - Get access to our PROP experts and their experience generating the best possible propeller behind your particular boat make and model.

Every order ships within 24 hours (click here for more information on availability and shipping) and is typically delivered within 3 – 8 business days depending on the shipping method selected. We offer UPS Standard, UPS Expedited and UPS Express International or USPS Priority International (Parcel Post) shipping options. Orders shipped to Canada will be shipped with Duties and Taxes due on delivery (that's the law). NOTE: UPS Standard is subject to BROKERAGE.

International Shipping to Canada
USPS Priority International 4-10 Business Days
UPS Standard (Subject to BROKERAGE) 3-7 Business Days
UPS Expedited 2-4 Business Days
UPS Worldwide Express Saver 1-2 Business Day

Canada Duty & Tax Information:
Just about everything individuals import into Canada is subject to the Goods and Services Tax (GST) of five percent. The GST is calculated after customs duties have been applied.
You will also have to pay the applicable Canadian Provincial Sales Tax (PST) or Quebec Sales Tax (QST). The provincial retail sales tax rates vary from province to province, as do the goods and services to which the tax is applied and the way the tax is applied.
In Canadian provinces with a Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario and British Columbia), you'll be charged the HST, rather than separate GST and provincial sales tax.

Further information can be found on the Customs website Should you require further information relating to importing goods please contact the Canadian Customs Center.

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