Babes Bucket of BABE's Kit

Babes Bucket of BABE's Kit


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Manufacturer Babes - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # 614-BB7501
Item # 10103


BABE's offers everything you need to keep your boat looking brand new in a convenient storage bucket.


BABE's Bucket of boat care products is without a doubt one of the most popular products we offer, both with our customers, as well as our staff. Whether you're just getting into boat detailing, or if you're a seasoned professional, this complete system of cleaning products includes everything you need to get your boat looking great, and keep it that way. Combine that with savings of over 10% versus purchasing individually, and a Bucket of BABE's is a no-brainer!

-1 Gallon BABE's Boat Bright and 16 oz. BABE's Boat Bright

Babe's Boat Bright is the foundation of the BABE's product offering for the exterior of your boat. Made to be used every time you wipe down your boat, this cleaner will remove surface contaminants and waterspots, while at the same time protecting the finish of your boat with a light wax layer that includes UV protestants. Perfect for touch-ups between major cleanings, you can use this product all summer long to keep your boat looking great.

-16 oz. BABE's Seat Soap

Babe's Seat Soap is specially formulated to clean your boats vinyl, plastic and leather surfaces. Lifts dirt and scum without harming or drying out these soft and pliable surfaces. Your boat will love the mild base solution that conditions your boat's interior surfaces while it cleans. There's no pre-washing required, simply spray Babe's Seat Soap right on to the upholstery and wipe it clean. The best part is it's environmentally safe too!

16 oz. BABE's Seat Saver

Babe's Seat Saver is specially engineered and designed to protect your boat's upholstery from harmful UV rays. It also helps to preserve the natural qualities of the upholstery and extend the life of your boat's vinyl. The perfect follow up to BABE's Seat Soap, this one-two punch will have your interior clean, and protected from damage due to UV exposure.

-16 oz. BABE's Spot Solver

Babe's Boat Care Spot Solver is specially engineered to remove water spots that are caused from mineral build-up.

-16 oz. BABE's Boat Bubbles

Babe's Boat Care is one of the leading makers of boat wash products. Their Babe's Boat Bubbles are a specially formulated to generate lots of bubbles for washing your gel coat boat.

-16 oz. BABE's Boot Butter

You have old bindings? You should probably get some new bindings. But for now, this Boot Butter will help you get in/out of those bindings with ease.

-Extreme Performance Towels (4)

Commercial-grade micro-fiber towels are perfect for creating maximum shine on all hard surfaces. 4 per package. Approx. 15" x 15"

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