The 10 Best Wakeboards for Every Skill Level

best wakeboards 2023

From Beginner to Pro: Top 10 Wakeboards for Each Category

You know that new gear feeling. The instant confidence boost combined with unparalleled excitement that takes your riding to a whole new level. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a beginner, choosing the right wakeboard can make it an extension of your own body, enhancing your skills and conquering the wave. 

In this article, our team of experts share the results of tirelessly scouring the market and testing countless boards to bring you the crème de la crème of wakeboards available this season.

best wakeboards

Each board has been carefully selected based on its unique features, design, performance, and user feedback. We're talking about wakeboards that make you soar higher, spin faster, and carve smoother than ever before. The pop in these boards is so snappy, it's like they were born to launch you into the stratosphere. And let's not forget about the weight reduction and increased maneuverability – your new deck will have you spinning those 720s like a pro.

Oh, and that graphic? It's fresh and untouched, begging you to ride more and progress faster. 

So, without further ado, we've curated a killer list of the best wakeboards for every type of rider out there. 

10 Best Wakeboards in 2024

2024 Ronix One Blackout Technology Wakeboard

Best for Advanced Riders: Ronix One Blackout Technology

Looking for the ultimate ride on the water? Look no further than the Ronix One Blackout Technology wakeboard. Packed with innovation and performance, this board is the top choice for advanced riders.

With its 3-Stage Rocker Icon, the Ronix One Blackout Technology wakeboard offers precision, agility, and high-energy performance. Shedding over 1.5 lbs in weight, it provides an unparalleled experience on the water, making every jump feel like a double up with increased kick and reduced weight.

Endorsed by wakeboarding legend Nic Rapa, this board is designed for maximum hangtime off big wakes while still delivering solid air behind smaller wakes. The widened One shape offers a bigger sweet spot and added stability, allowing for easier planing at slower speeds.

best wakeboard for beginners Hyperlite State 2.0

Best for Beginners: Hyperlite State 2.0

The Hyperlite State 2.0 Wakeboard is an exceptional choice for riders looking to enter the world of wakeboarding and progress their skills with confidence. Crafted with thoughtful design elements, this board offers a perfect balance of durability and performance to learn to wakeboard with ease.

One standout feature of the State 2.0 is its asymmetrical design, which sets it apart from traditional wakeboards. With shorter toe-side edges and sneaky little toe-side footbed risers, this board practically begs you to get on your toes and hold that toe-side edge like it's the last piece of pizza at a party. All this innovation allows beginners to feel more secure and stable: no more wobbly transitions or toe-side troubles.

When it comes to durability, the Hyperlite State 2.0 doesn't mess around. The board boasts a Biolite 3 Core, Hyperlite's latest and most advanced material, ensuring exceptional durability without compromising its lightweight nature. Layered glass laminates maintain consistent pop year after year, eliminating the worry of diminished performance over time. Additionally, the wakeboard features a monocoque construction (who doesn't like fancy words?), integrating both the top and bottom layers of fiberglass for increased durability and protection against delamination caused by side impacts.

The Hyperlite State 2.0 Wakeboard excels in offering an ideal platform for entry-level riders to quickly progress their wakeboarding skills. With its innovative asymmetrical design, stability-enhancing features, and durable construction, this wakeboard is sure to provide 
unforgettable moments, hilarious wipeouts, and the kind of fun that'll have you shouting "SQUEEEEEEEE."

best for intermediate Ronix Supreme Wakeboard

Best for Intermediate: 2024 Ronix Supreme Wakeboard

In its fifth season, the Ronix Supreme continues to deliver superior adaptability for riders who want to push their limits. This board is all about adaptability and power, perfect for intermediate riders looking to step up their game. Inspired by emerging riding styles, the Supreme shape offers a versatile experience, whether you're craving a faster takeoff or a more explosive jump.

With its unique rocker line, the Ronix Supreme provides the perfect vertical takeoff for riders approaching the wake on edge. Plus, its progressive continuous rocker ensures smooth, fast jumps out into the flats.

Last year, Tyler Higham and Jake Pelot gave this board a redesign, focusing on reducing weight and enhancing water feel while maintaining high-end performance. The result? A lightweight, lively board with Italian-imported Air Core foam and a thin profile, making it easier to pull off those epic 360s and 540s with minimal swing weight.

2024 Ronix Rise Wakeboard

Best for Women: 2024 Ronix Rise Wakeboard

Ladies, get ready to elevate your ride with the Ronix RISE AIR CORE 3. This board is all about pushing boundaries and reaching new heights on the water.

Endorsed by 2-time Masters Champion Mary Morgan, the Ronix RISE AIR CORE 3 is tailored to a women’s specific shape, ensuring the perfect fit and performance. Mary Morgan's dedication to creating the ultimate women's wakeboard led to a survey of women's wakeboarding preferences on social media, resulting in valuable insights.

The result? A lightweight, responsive board that doesn't compromise on speed or control. Combining the best elements of Ronix's successful rockerlines, the RISE AIR CORE 3 offers the speed of the RXT and the kick of the One. Its innovative Air Core construction reduces swing weight, providing a more nimble and responsive ride. Plus, the bottom channels offer stability for beginners while allowing advanced riders like Mary Morgan to land even the most challenging tricks.

liquid force m.e.

Best for Beginner Women: Liquid Force M.E.

Introducing the Liquid Force M.E. Women's Wakeboard, the perfect blend of style and functionality for beginner female riders. Crafted with precision and designed to meet the specific needs of women, this board offers optimal pop, responsiveness, and stability on the water.

Featuring quad molded-in fins for extra hold when needed and a loose, fun ride, the M.E. Women's Wakeboard ensures an enjoyable experience for riders of all levels. Its Progressive 3-Stage Rocker provides the pop you crave, while the single to double concave center softens landings for a smoother ride.

Whether you're just starting out or looking to progress your boat riding skills, the Liquid Force M.E. Women's Wakeboard is the perfect choice. Get ready to rip like Meagan Ethell and take your riding to the next level!


best wakeboard for big guys Hyperlite Murray 150

Best for Big Guys: Hyperlite Murray

The Hyperlite Murray 150 Wakeboard has consistently impressed riders with its continuous innovation and performance, and the latest 2023 model is no exception. This pro-model wakeboard has undergone countless hours of refinement and feedback from Shaun Murray and Nelson, resulting in a board that exceeds expectations in terms of design and functionality.

Let's start with the Subtle 3-Stage Rocker. This thing is a game-changer, giving you a boost off the wake that'll make you feel like you've sprouted wings! It's perfect for all you bigger guys out there who want to go big or go home. Additionally, the Variable Edge Design and Molded Landing Feature, carried over from previous models, make this wakeboard suitable for riders of all ability levels. 

The Hyperlite Murray Wakeboard boasts a Biolite 3 Core that's so light, you'll swear it's made of clouds and unicorn dreams. Its lightweight nature allows for effortless spins, flips, and full sends, making it an excellent choice for bigger guys who want to showcase their skills without feeling weighed down. And don't worry, it's not all fluff—this board is built to withstand even the gnarliest wipeouts.

best wakeboard for boys Ronix Vision

Best for Boys: Ronix Vision

Ronix Vision Wakeboard is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the next generation of rippers. The attention to detail and the understanding of the sport truly shines through in the design and construction of this board.

One of the standout features of the Vision Wakeboard is its symmetrical shape with asymmetric features. Ronix understands that wakeboarding is unique among board sports because your hips and shoulders aren't parallel. To address this, they have incorporated a thinner, sharper rail on the toeside to help boys set an easier and more confident edge while edging into the wake. On the heelside, where the body is more comfortable in an aligned position, they have added a fuller, vertical rail to generate more top water speed. This thoughtful design ensures that you have the best possible performance regardless of your kiddo's position.

Another great aspect of the Vision Wakeboard is its ability to generate natural lift off the wake. If your little grom comes into the wake flat without much edge hold, the Vision has more volume in the ends to assist in generating lift. This feature gives confidence to take his tricks to the next level and soar through the air.

The construction of the Vision Wakeboard is also worth noting. It features Grom Glass, which offers a lighter layup for a better feel with the water and less swing weight in the air. This means the board can be easily maneuvered while maintaining control and stability. The 3-stage rocker design is specifically tailored to assist young riders in achieving a relaxed and neutrally balanced position, allowing for optimal control and maneuverability.

As an added bonus, the Vision Wakeboard comes with a set of glow-in-the-dark images, which add a fun and unique touch to your kiddo's riding experience. It's a small detail, but it definitely adds to the fun factor of the board.

In terms of fin configuration, the Vision Wakeboard is equipped with two fiberglass 1.75" hook fins and two molded-in fins. This combination provides excellent tracking and stability, allowing confidence when carving through the water.

To top it all off, the Ronix Vision Wakeboard includes a set sticker pack with 15 stickers, allowing your little dude to customize the board to his style.

best wakeboard for girls Ronix August

Best for Girls: Ronix August 

Looking to make this the best summer for your little girl? Look no further than the Ronix August Girl's Wakeboard and bindings package. It seriously exceeds expectations. This wakeboard package is specifically designed for younger riders to progress their skills and have a blast behind the boat, and it delivers on that promise.

Like the boys' model above, the Ronix August Wakeboard is a masterpiece designed to take into consideration the unique dynamics of wakeboarding. Unlike other board sports, wakeboarding requires a different body position with hips and shoulders not parallel, which can be a challenge to young riders. To address this, the August wakeboard features a symmetrical shape with asymmetric features tailored for the needs of the next generation of rippers.

One standout feature of the August wakeboard is its innovative rail design. On the toeside, where the body is in an unbalanced position edging into the wake, the board has a thinner, sharper rail that helps set an easier, more confident edge. On the heelside, where the body is more comfortable in an aligned position, the board has a fuller vertical rail that generates more top water speed over the water. This design ensures that riders have optimal control and stability in any direction.

Another impressive aspect of this board is its volume distribution. If she tends to come into the wake flat without much edge hold, the August wakeboard has got extra volume in the ends to give some serious lift off the wake. Who needs wings when you've got a wakeboard that can make you soar like a majestic seagull?

The construction of the August wakeboard is top-notch. It features a TPU Graphic Top Sheet, Mococoque, and Krypto Cable Construction (so many fancy words!), which provide durability and ensure that the board can withstand the demands of wakeboarding. The Mod Pour Foam offers a lighter layup for enhanced water feel and reduced swing weight in the air, allowing riders to maneuver effortlessly.

In terms of performance, the August wakeboard's rockerline is designed to assist riders in maintaining a relaxed and neutrally balanced position. This makes it easier for young riders to find their footing and progress their skills on the water. As an added bonus, the scratch 'n sniff strawberry scents on the board add a fun and unique touch.

Did you read that? IT HAS SCRATCH 'N SNIFF STRAWBERRY SCENTS. She's gonna freak out.

The Ronix August Girl's Wakeboard delivers on its promise to provide younger riders with a fantastic wakeboarding experience. The attention to detail in the design, the high-quality construction, and the playful features make this package a standout choice for young wakeboarders.  

best wakeboard for air Liquid Force Remedy

Best for Air Tricks: Liquid Force Remedy Aero

If you're ready to take your wakeboarding skills to new heights, the Liquid Force Remedy Wakeboard is here to elevate your experience. Designed for hard charging riders seeking impressive pop and control, this wakeboard is your reliable fun-buddy behind the boat.

First and foremost, the Liquid Force Remedy delivers outstanding performance with its innovative design. The triple concave base running through the center seamlessly transitions into quad channels out the tail. This intelligently engineered combination not only generates lift while you're on your feet, but it also ensures a quick and effortless release off the wake. It's like having wings on the water, propelling you to new heights with every jump.

One of the most striking aspects of the Liquid Force Remedy is its focus on speed. Pro rider Harley Clifford had speed in mind when crafting this board, and it shows. The Remedy is built for zooming across the water like a speed demon. The aggressive 3-stage rocker profile, complemented by a flatter curve, allows you to experience an exhilarating burst of speed while maintaining exceptional rail maneuverability. Its split-tip shape and quad fin setup provide a level of control that eases the transition from standing up to riding steadily. 

While the Liquid Force Remedy Wakeboard excels in many areas, it's important to note that it is not the most pressable wakeboard on the market. Its stiffer construction ensures stability and control but sacrifices some flexibility for certain tricks that demand more bending. Additionally, due to its advanced features and characteristics, the Remedy is better suited for experienced riders rather than beginners who are still getting acquainted with wakeboarding fundamentals.

best budget wakeboard Liquid Force Trip

Best on a Budget: Liquid Force Trip

The Liquid Force Trip wakeboard has truly stood the test of time, with an impressive 25-year legacy and counting! It's been one heck of a ride, and there's a reason this board continues to be a favorite among wakeboarders.

One standout feature of the Liquid Force Trip is its fuller tip and tail shape, which provides more pop than ever before. The wakeboard's D-I-S-C hull is designed with longer molded-in fins, offering enhanced control and smoother transitions. And if you're feeling extra daring, just remove the center fin and get ready for some next-level maneuverability. It's like having a secret weapon up your sleeve.

The Liquid Force Trip wakeboard boasts an array of impressive features, including an aggressive continuous rocker, diamond bat-tail shape, and a precision PU core. The molded polyurethane foam core sets the standard for performance in boat boards, providing durability and a solid foundation for your riding adventures.

And hey, the Liquid Force Trip is all about flexibility too. With its 3-position M6 insert pack, it's like a wakeboard chameleon, ready to adapt to any binding you throw its way. LF 6X/6R bindings? Check. All 6" bindings? No problemo. You've got options, friend.

Whether you are a beginner looking to get started in the world of wakeboarding or an experienced rider seeking to upgrade your gear, there's a wide range of options to suit your needs. If you have any questions, contact an expert Product Advisor at (888)338-6085 or email us at

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