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Wakeboard Tower Mirror and Windshield Mirror Buying Guide

Wakeboard Tower and Windshield Mirrors are often the most overlooked, but important boating accessories. Finding the right mirror and mount will make your boating experience safer and your neck will thank you later. WakeMAKERS carries CIPA and PTM Edge mirrors, Both of these brands use the latest optical technology to give you crystal clear vision behind your boat. If you have any additional questions about mirrors or mounting hardware, please give us a call at (888) 338-6085 or email us at

Wakeboard Tower Mirrors

Wakeboard Tower mounted mirrors are a popular option for most of our customers. The sleek design and almost unlimited mounting spots give you the option to place the mirror anywhere on the tower. We carry Tower Arms that range from 1-7/8" to 2-1/2" and they work for most major OEM and factory wakeboard towers. If you are interested in purchasing a wakeboard tower mirror you will first need to figure out your tower width to make sure it will fit.

Tower Mounting Options

Post Mount mirror arms are designed to fit CIPA 7x14 Comp mirrors that have a slot for it on the back.

Skylon Xtreme Fixed Mirror Arm (Post Mount) $139.99 works with CIPA Comp 7x14 Mirror M1C $49.99
CIPA Comp Mirror 7" x 14" Mirror M1C
Skylon Fixed Mirror Arm Post Mount
Ball Mount mirror arms are designed to fit mirrors that have a screw style mount. Skylon Xtreme Fixed Mirror Arm (Ball Mount) $159.99 works with CIPA Vision 180 Tower Mirror (Ball Mount) $99.99
Skylon Fixed Mirror Arm Ball Mount
CIPA Vision 180 Ball Mount Mirror
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Windshield Mounted Mirrors

Windshield mirrors are typically easier and quicker to get on and off than their tower mounted counterparts. They are also the only option for boats that don't have a wakeboard tower. PTM Edge and CIPA both make some great windshield mounted options. Windshield Mirror Combo Options- PTM Edge has a couple of great windshield combo options available including the PCC-100 and PCC-140 which offer 100 and 140 degree field of view. These prescription grade optics come with the CFR-200 bracket and a 3-year warranty. If you are looking for an out-the-box solution we would highly recommend getting a mirror combo. PTM Edge PCC-100 Pro Mirror Combo $199.90 offers 100 degrees of behind-the-boat range and the PTM Edge PCC-140 Mirror Combo $299.90 offers 140 degrees
PTM Edge PCC-100 Pro Combo Mirror
PTM Edge PCC 140 Mirror Combo

PTM Edge Mirror and Brackets

PTM Edge makes a series of high-end mirrors and brackets that are sold separately. The VR-100 Pro is compatible with the PTM Edge RTS-100. The VR-140 Pro and VR-140 Elite are designed to work with the PTM Edge ZXR-200 Windshield Bracket and the RTS-100 rod to scoop adapter. If you want the option of having a tower or windshield mounted mirror the VR-140 series is your best option.

The PTM Edge RTS-100 Adapter works with 95% of the rod style mirror mount applications and perfectly interfaces with the VR-140 Pro and Elite's spherical tension socket. This gives you an almost infinite amount of mirror positions and superior stability in rough waters.

PTM Edge VR-140 Elite Mirror PTM Edge ZXR-200 Windshield Bracket
PTM Edge VR-140 Elite Mirror
PTM Edge ZXR-200 Windshield Bracket
PTM Edge VR-140 Pro Mirror PTM Edge RTS-100 Bracket
PTM Edge VR-140 Mirror
PTM Edge RTS-100 Bracket
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