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Straight Line Sumo Max Ballast

straight line sumo max ballast

The award for the fastest filling portable ballast system in the industry switched hands from Eight.3 over to Straight Line. The new Sumo Max Flow Pump from Straight Line packs 4,250GPH of ballast filling capability. That's over 200 pounds of water every single minute! Now you can spend less time filling and draining your ballast and more time having fun behind your boat.

The pumps proprietary design makes the Sumo Max Flow system faster and more efficient than past portable ballast solutions. The bags feature a larger Max Flow Link Valve that makes it possible to get 50% faster fill and drain times compared to the Super Sumo Pump.

Another benefit to the Sumo Max Pump is that it's backwards compatible with the Sumo and Big Bag series, so you can still use an older model Straight Line bag with the updated pump.


Sumo Max Ballast Bag Key Features


Sumo Skin 1000D- Each Sumo Max ballast Bag is built with a flexible and puncture-resistant fabric called Sumo Skin. The unique sandwich construction was tested out to be 150% stronger in tearing tests than the other leading competitors (Fly High and Eight.3).

Heavy Duty Sumo Seams- Each Sumo Max Sac is double welded at the seam to ensure a watertight seal. A second welding operation applies an inch wide sealing tape to the inside of each seam for additional support.

Sumo Max Flow Link Valve- Straight Line's new Max Flow valve is a 1-1/2" diameter high-flow version of the Sumo Link system. It provides the same watertight connection as the traditional system, but it has a 50% bigger intake for faster filling and draining.

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Super Max Flow Pump Key Features


4,250 Gallons Per Hour-The fastest portable ballast pump on the market. Fills over 200 pounds of water per minute.

Plug-N-Play Operation- Super Max Flow pumps are designed to work with all Sumo, Straight Line and Big Bag models.

Sumo Dry-Lock Link Valve- Creates a water-tight seal for leak free operation and a dry boat.

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Straight Line Sumo Max 675 Ballast Bags & Sumo Max Flow Pump

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