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HO Sports RAD and FAD

RAD & FAD Delivers Fun Behind The Boat For All Ages And Ability Levels

New for 2016, the RAD (Round Aquatic Device) & FAD (Fun Aquatic Device) are designed to allow anyone, regardless of skill level, to participate in the fun of riding behind a boat. The RAD + FAD will be a crowd favorite on your boat.

The RAD+ is 5 ft. in diameter when inflated and is guaranteed to get everyone up. The rider can put the handle in the handle hook, sit, stand or kneel, and away you go. For a more advanced ride you can try out the smaller 3 ft. RAD disc or the FAD for those looking for more of a board feel. The riding possibilities are endless with the RAD & FAD.

The RAD & FAD are fun for all ages and will surely turn some heads while you are out on the water this summer.


The RAD & FAD are built using HO Sport's Drop Stitch construction. This material allows inflatable items to be inflated to optimum rigidity while also being more durable than other inflatable items.The Drop Stitch material is built by joining two pieces of support fabric together with thousands of fine polyester thread lengths. Each thread is spaced evenly and all threads are the exact same length. Next an air-tight coating is applied to the top and bottom of the support material to ensure an air tight seal.

The Drop Stitch construction enables the RAD & FAD to be inflated to pressure levels of 20 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch). This pressure levels gives the inflatable items a rigid shape and increased durability. The RAD & FAD come standard with a specific hand pump that properly fits the air valve.


The machined eva traction pads on the RAD & FAD help to prevent you from sliding around while on the water. A handle hook on the front allow the rider to set the rope handle there for hands-free starts or for smaller children who might not have the grip strength to hold on to the handle while being towed.

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