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Pre-Wired Ballast Switch Connectors: Reversible and Aretor Ballast Pumps

We're always working hard to make adding ballast to your boat easier. That's why these type of products are so exciting:

  • Significantly reduce time spent wiring
  • Avoid one of the most error prone steps in your project
  • Feel confident that your components will work together

For such a simple, and inexpensive item, you'll be blown away by how much easier a pre-wired switch connector will make your install. Simple match up the four colored wires coming off the back of the switch with battery + and -, and pump + and -, and you're set.

If you're installing a Johnson Ultra Ballast Pump, read about the WakeMAKERS Pre-Wired Switch Connector for Reversible Ballast Pumps.

If you're installing a complete wakeboard ballast system that uses aerator ballast pumps, read about the WakeMAKERS Pre-Wired Switch Connector for Aerator Ballast Pumps.

This is just the latest in our expanding line of ballast system electrical products designed to make installing and automated ballast system even easier.

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