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New Boat: 2022 Axis T220 First Look

2022 Axis T220 On Water

Our first glimpse at the newest of new is always a great time of the year, and 2022 is no different for Axis, with them pulling the wraps off a completely redesigned traditional bow 22' boat, the 2022 Axis T220. Let's take a look at what we know so far!

This definitely falls in the "clean-sheet" redesign category, with the update to the former T22 changing one of the most popular models in Axis' lineup enough for them to change the naming convention, a clear designator of things to come as the rest of the boat in the Axis line are updated.


The exterior of the new model features an entirely new design language for Axis, with more faceting, and a shift of the primary Axis badging forward on the boat for a more asymmetric design. There's a much more dynamic rubrail line, with a sizable kink/drop combo in the model that helps to break up the long straight lines. These unique takes on common elements are being more popular with all of the brands, and it's a change that helps, especially on the bigger models to hide some of the mass.

There is also some unique profiling in the top desk surface at the rear of the boat where the a longitudinal line crosses all the way through the boat tying the upholstery at the leading edge of the rear deck into the fiberglass on either side. It's a unique look, especially when viewed from overhead, and one we don't recall seeing anywhere else in the industry. Chalk up one for the Axis designers in the novelty column.

2022 Axis T220 Studio Shot


The interior is much closer to what we've seen in years past, with the most significant updates occurring at the dash where Axis has unveiled a new corporate date design for all models starting in 2022.

There are now three different dash options, which have the same basic layout, but vary in their complexity and features. All of the new designs feature a touch screen, for the first time on an Axis model. Upgrading from the base "Core" dash to the "Sport" version adds dedicated hard buttons for quickly accessed features. The top version, the "Premium Sport" dash adds the convenience of a wireless phone charger to the built-in phone holder.

Surprisingly absent from the interior is a walkthrough from the swim platform to the interior across the rear deck, a feature that Axis and Malibu have been including in most boats as they are redesigned.


As an evolution of the Axis hull design, we expect the performance of the new T220 to be evolutionary as well. That in-and-of-itself isn’t a bad thing, as the previous generation T22 was a very good performing boat, and the Axis Integrated Surf Platform makes controlling and setting up the boat quick and easy. Integrated Surf Platform, or ISP consists of ballast, The Wedge, SurfGate and the controls that let the driver cater the performance to each individual rider, all of which should be easier to control with the new touch screen controls on the dash.

Ultimately, we’ll have to hold off on rating the performance of this new T220, but we expect it to be more than up to the task for surfing and wakeboarding.


As a first glimpse into the future of the Axis product lineup, the 2022 Axis T220 is a promising redesign that should ensure to please future owners just as the T22 model it replaces did since its introduction in 2014. If you’re in the market for a traditional bow boat with capacity for 15, the 2022 Axis T220 is definitely a strong contender.

2022 Axis T220 Specs

  • Length: 21’ 11”
  • Beam: 102”
  • Seating Capacity: 15
  • Max Ballast: 4205lbs

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