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WakeMAKERS Visits Lake Ronix

20 or so miles east of Orlando lies one of the most influential places in wakeboarding. Lake Ronix hasn’t even been around for a decade, but it’s already cemented its place in the history books. Progression, new tricks, and an ever-changing list of features awaited us as we made the drive from Phase 5’s HQ on the Gulf Coast through Orlando and smack dab into Christmas (yes, there’s a town called Christmas in Florida), the home of Lake Ronix.

If you haven’t been to Lake Ronix, let us paint a picture for you real quick. It’s a sprawling compound just off the highway with two private lakes, a System 2.0, and just about every new wake boat you can imagine. It’s also the official training ground for Ronix team riders. On any given day, you’ll find riders like Massi Piffaretti, Tyler Higham, Parks Bonifay, and a laundry list of other pros hanging out and pushing the sport to new heights at Lake Ronix.

We’ve been lucky enough to visit a few times, and it’s always one of the highlights of our year. The crew at Lake Ronix makes you feel at home, and it’s a magical experience that dare we say rivals Radar Lake.

Here’s a video recap of our time at Lake Ronix - we hope you enjoy it!

Here are a few of our favorite 2020 Ronix Wake Packages

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