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Labor Day Playlist + 15% Off Hyperlite

Hyperlite HO Sale

Labor Day is a beautiful, fun, bittersweet kind of weekend. Nobody wants to admit that summer is wrapping up but the long weekend is a great time to hang out, ride, surf, and chill. 

One of our favorite ways to celebrate Labor Day is by listening to good tunes out on the water. We created our Summer Boating Playlist '22 for the weekend and would love to share it with you. Kick back, relax, and turn it up! 


When you're done chillin, grillin, ridin' and flyin, be sure to hit up that Hyperlite sale while the good stuff is in stock! Save 15% on some seriously hot gear.

Customer Service Hours

Our offices will be closed on 9/5 for Labor Day and re-open on Tuesday, 9/6 to field your calls, emails, and chats.




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