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Introducing Hyperlite and Byerly

Hyperlite and Byerly available at WakeMAKERS

WakeMAKERS is proud to announce the addition of Hyperlite and Byerly to our selection of 2016 wakesurf boards. There are now nearly 50 wakesurf boards for you to choose from on WakeMAKERS including top brands such as CWB, Liquid Force, Phase 5, Ronix, and Slingshot.

Hyperlite has been a driving force in the wakeboarding industry since their inception in 1991. The brand is time-tested and battle proven with over 25 years of experience creating revolutionary wakeboarding products.

Hyperlite was one of the key pioneers in wakesurfing in the early 2000’s and continues to be at the forefront of product innovation. Boasting a talented team of shapers and riders, the brand continues to find ways to evolve and grow the sport.

This year’s Hyperlite wakesurf lineup features seven different models ranging from the best-selling Broadcast series to the high-performance Quad. The diverse selection of wakesurf boards means there is a board that suits riders of all sizes and ability levels. New for 2016, Hyperlite has implemented their surf selection tool on their website to help find the perfect surfer that matches your size and style.

Byerly Boards is the brainchild of wakeboarding OG Scott Byerly. Carrying an unstoppable passion for riding wake, Byerly looked to create a brand that would innovate board construction and help progress your riding to new levels. The 2016 Byerly wakesurf lineup features three models aiming to elevate your riding.

Both the Hyperlite and Byerly 2016 wakesurf boards feature their unique dura-shell construction, giving the boards a lighter feel and improved durability. The added buoyancy of this board construction allows the board to ride higher and smoother through the water. The improved durability with the dura-shell construction helps prevent the dents and dings that shorten the lives of far too many wakesurf boards.

Dura-Shell Wakesurf Construction

An exciting innovation for 2016 Hyperlite and Byerly boards is the collaboration with Futures. The iconic Huntington Beach brand has been crafting surf fins since 1966. For the first time ever Futures fins is expanding beyond surf and into wake. All the higher-end 2016 boards will feature the Futures fin system.

Hyperlite & Byerly Futures Fin System

There is a Futures fin set up for every style of rider (or maybe several). Also, the Futures fins systems allows for easy interchangeability while out on the water. With a Futures tool and a couple minutes you can swap out your fin setup, giving an entirely new feel to your board.

Many of the top surfers around the world including John John Florence, Jordy Smith, Shane Dorian, and Rob Machado ride Futures fins. We expect these high-performance fins to be a game-changer within wakesurfing this year.

Innovation. Durability. Performance. Hyperlite and Byerly boards have it all.

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