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WakeMAKERS FIT Series Ballast Bags Explained (Video)

WakeMAKERS Factory Ballast Upgrades are now available with our industry-leading line of FIT Series ballast bags. UniversalFIT, CustomFIT, and ExactFIT ballast bags ensure a premium fit for your particular boat model.

Why does FIT matter? The better the fit, the more weight you'll actually get in the ballast bag. Other bags may have the rated capacity of 750 lbs but if they don't properly fit the dimensions of the rear locker (hint: most of the time they don't), you won't actually get that 750 lbs once the bag is filled with water. That bag may only weight 500 lbs once filled due to constraints from the locker space. You actually get more weight and better results from a smaller bag that fits correctly and can fill to maximum capacity. One size does not fit all when it comes to adding ballast bags to your boat.

WakeMAKERS Introduces the FIT Series Ballast Bag Line

Here's what a few of our customers had to say about the FIT series ballast bags:

Gabe / UniversalFIT Ballast Bags - 2001 Nautique 210

"For many years we rode behind my 2001 Air Nautique 210 with just the stock ballast. A friend last summer mentioned that I should get a WakeMAKERS Factory Ballast Upgrade for my boat. The TankBuster Upgrade for my Nautique 210 included adding dual WakeMAKERS UniversalFIT 720 lb ballast bags for the rear lockers. These bags fit perfectly inside my lockers and the results are amazing. My family and friends have had so much fun riding recently with the new and improved wake."

Vince / CustomFIT Ballast Bags - 2018 Malibu 23 LSV

"I've shopped with WakeMAKERS since 2010 and put their ballast bags in each of my Malibu's over the years. I just got a new 2018 23 LSV and ordered the CustomFIT Plug N Play bags for the rear lockers. These bags integrated perfectly with the factory ballast and as always, they fit nicely! Other aftermarket ballast bags just take up space, I like that WakeMAKERS put some real time and thought into engineering bags that fit right."

Nathaniel / ExactFIT Ballast Bags - 2016 Axis A20

"Thanks to the guys at WakeMAKERS for the ExactFIT ballast bags for my Axis A20. I was able to install the bags in less than 10 minutes using the factory Plug and Play System. These bags fit like a glove. The height of my wave has doubled and it easily tripled in length. My boat now throws a wave that will embarrass and 23' wake boat on the market. We can't wait for summer!"

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