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Introducing Eight.3 Bow and Floor Ballast Bags

Last summer we had the opportunity to test out some of the new Eight.3 ballast bag options before they were available. The general consensus from all of us was "WOW, when will these be on the market". The speed of the Eight.3 system still holds true as the fastest portable ballast solution on the market. With the recent introduction of bow and floor bags for the 2015 season, it's going to be hard not to use Eight.3 ballast.

Put your feet up and enjoy what is happening behind the boat with one of these water filled ottoman ballast bags. Our crew's new favorite Eight.3 category are the Telescope CTN Floor Ballast Bags. The engineers at Eight.3 measured the cabin area in the majority of V-Drive boats produced in the last 10 years and have come up with 3 different size options to accommodate them: 400lb, 650lb, and 800lb. This extra weight when centered in the mid ship area will increase the hull's displacement providing both a more dense wakeboarding wake and the best wakesurf wave possible when used in conjunction with a surf enhancing system like Malibu's Surf Gate.

**Side Note: We used the 800lb. Floor Bag to help weight a 2014 Malibu 23 LSV for wakesurfing and it worked like a charm with no need for extra bow ballast above the factory tank.

Eight.3 400lb. Floor Ballast Bag: 35L x 35W x 9H Eight.3 650lb. Floor Ballast Bag: 45L x 45L x 9H Eight.3 800lb. Floor Ballast Bag: 55L x 45L x 9H Compatibility: Eight.3 3000GPH Ballast Pump & Eight.3 3700GPH Ballast Pump

Another new and much needed option for this season are the Eight.3 Bow specific bags. Available in a 600lb triangle version and the first of it's kind 950lb trapezoid. The new Eight.3 Telescoping Bow Bags are the best option for quickly adding ballast to the front of your boat when time is of the essence. We like the smaller 650 pound bag for traditional/triangle style bows of and the 950 pound bag for trapezoid shaped pickle fork bows. Don't underestimate the importance of bow ballast when you are trying to build the optimal wake for wakeboarding or wave for wakesurfing.

Eight.3 600lb. Telescope CTN Bow Ballast Bag: 54L x 27W x 9H Eight.3 950lb. Telescope CTN Bow Ballast Bag: 54L x 54W rear / 27W front x 9H Compatibility: Eight.3 3000GPH Ballast Pump & Eight.3 3700GPH Ballast Pump Shop for Eight.3 Ballast»

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