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It's that bittersweet time of the year, the heat of Summer may slowly be fading away, but there's still plenty of weekends left to hit the water before the chill of fall is in the air. Close out another epic season by scoring a deal on a new board, foil, or vest from one of your favorite brands!

This year more than ever, is a great time to buy. After two years of supply chain issues and product scarcity related to the Covid-19 pandemic, we finally have a wide selection of closeout products for you to choose from. So take a look and shop around the site and snag a new board or vest to hit the water with this weekend!

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Update your quiver with a top of the line 2022 wake surfboard, or pickup an easy to ride, entry-level board so you can help the newbies on your boat experience the feeling of surfing. All of these boards are now offered at a great, discounted price!

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Spend the rest of summer sending it on a new wakeboard package! Whether flips and spins are your thing, or you're looking for a new challenging activity behind the boat, we have a wakeboard setup for you at a price that can't be beat!

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Regardless of what wake sport is your thing, you need to be safe. Life jackets nowadays are more comfortable and stylish than they have ever been before, not to mention they are also on sale! Check out our selection of sale life jackets and make sure everyone on your boat is safe while out on the water. 

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Experience the feeling of flight without dollar bills flying out of your pocket. Save big on wake foil packages the rest of the season. There's been no better time to pick up a foil and try the hottest new watersport that's sweeping the nation.... or globe if you're one of our international customers!

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And last, but certainly not least, WakeMAKERS has a wide selection of water ski packages all on sale. Whether you're a beginner just trying to cut some sweet open water turns, or a seasoned vet out there chasing buoys, we have a ski setup for you. Snag a ski today and try the watersport that started it all, I mean we wouldn't be out there boarding, surfing, or foiling if it hadn't been for the men and women cutting up lakes on homemade wooden skis years ago!

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While we all hate the thought of Summer coming to a close, it does mean end of season sales, as well as the launch of all the new 2023 product so stay tuned for that! We hope you all have a great rest of the season and we hop to see you out on the water!

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