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2017 Ronix Wakesurf Board Construction Overview

2017 Ronix Wakesurf Board Constructions
Ronix Surf Lineup Includes Six Different Constructions | Which One is Right for You?

Their most expansive wakesurf lineup ever, Ronix made sure there is a core construction ideal for every style of rider.

Remember this... it's what is inside that matters most. Although it is often overlooked, most would agree that the core construction of a board has the biggest impact on the overall liveliness and feel of the board on the water.

This guide was created to help explain the different core constructions offered in the Ronix wakesurf lineup so that when it comes to time to purchase your next board you can make a confident choice that you will be stoked on!

Continue reading below to learn all about each core construction type and decide which one is the right fit for you.

2017 Ronix Koal Classic Wakesurf Board

Koal Classic Core Construction

No better place to start than the Koal Classic. Just like the name says, this core construction is the same layup that surf shapers have trusted for decades. If you are a surfer at heart and want to experience that true surfy feeling on the endless wave, this is no doubt the core construction for you. Each board constructed w/ Koal Classic is made by machining a core for the most precise shape and rocker line, hand wrapping it in a fiberglass shell, and finally, vacuum bagging it to remove any excess resin. The most consistent layup in the lineup and a value price point that everyone will be stoked on, you will surely be frothing once you experience that Koal Classic feeling for yourself.

Shapes w/ Koal Classic: Fish», Longboard»


2017 Ronix Honeycomb Wakesurf Board

Honeycomb Core Construction

Honeycomb provides the strongest communication between rider, board, and water. This core construction is designed for those riders seeking more contact and feel with the water. Think of Honeycomb as carbon on steroids - more feedback, and even more reactive on the water. The most advanced core construction in the lineup, get ready to make deeper turns, slaysh harder, and air off the lip bigger than you ever have before. The bottom line is this: If you're looking for the best possible connection between you and the water, the Honeycomb core is right for you.

Shapes w/ Honeycomb: Powertail»

2017 Ronix Koal Technora Wakesurf Board

Koal Technora Core Construction

A classic surf core with a modern twist. Koal Technora brings the response of carbon fiber to that surfy feeling you've always loved. More reactive than a traditional fiberglass laminate, Koal Technora is a nice blend that gives you the best of both worlds. Adding the carbon laminate in certain areas of the boards generates greater drive, hold, and response throughout those bottom turns and slayshes. This core construction is designed for those riders looking for that buttery smooth response from their board while still being able to bury the rail deep and explode off the lip.


Shapes w/ Koal Technora: Powertail», Thruster 2», Thumbtail», Women's Fish», The Lunatic»

2017 Ronix Hex Shell Wakesurf Board

Hex Shell Core Construction

This is the most responsive construction layup offered in the Ronix wakesurf lineup. It's torsional stiffness and carbon stringers remove any possible delay that a rider might experience between them and their board for instant response on the water. Designed for those who are more of a freestyle rider and enjoy that playful feel on the wave.

Shapes w/ Hex Shell: Skate Skimmer 2», The Blender»

2017 Ronix Modello Wakesurf Boards

Modello Core Construction

Built rock solid, the Modello boards are a compression molded board built just like how a wakeboard is. Although slightly heavier, these boards are far more durable making them less prone to dings and cracks. Sitting slightly lower in the water, the board will be slightly more stable than other layups. This is the most affordable construction in the Ronix lineup before dropping down into the soft top category. The Modello boards are designed to be a great choice for those picking up their first wakesurf board or those who don't need all the latest and greatest board technology.

Shapes w/ Modello: Fish Skim», Stub Fish»


2017 Ronix Marsh

Marsh "Mellow" Core Construction

The Marsh "Mellow" layup uses a similar core as the Koal Classic but is then wrapped with a soft exterior deck material for unmatched durability. No need to worry about the board when behind the boat. As a soft top board, it won't get dinged up or leave marks on the back of the boat if a collision does occur. A slower, more sluggish ride than a hard top board, this core construction is best suited for someone just getting into the sport of wakesurfing.

Shapes w/ Marsh "Mellow": Thrasher»


Browsing through the Ronix wakesurf lineup can be an overwhelming experience. There is so much to consider... core construction, shape, fin setup, color, and more. We hope that you have found this guide useful in learning about each of the core construction types and how they ride. Getting on the right equipment can be the difference between a good or bad day. Treat yourself to a fresh, new 2017 Ronix board and get ready for more fun on the water.

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