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2014 Ronix Wake Blem Wakesurf Boards

We just received a limited amount of Blem Ronix Wakesurf Boards on our second order. These boards perform just like factory firsts, but they may have some slight visual blemishes on the finished surface. If you're interested in saving some money on a new wakesurf board check out our selection below. Act fast, because we only have a few available in each size.

Ronix Koal Fish Wakesurf Board-Blem - $494.99

The Ronix Koal has been the most popular wakesurf board in the line for the last few seasons because of it's versatile shape and design. From beginners just learning how to drop the rope, all the way to seasoned pro's, the Koal Fish is ready for fun. Three removable fins give you the option to ride it with a more "locked-in" feel or remove the two outside fins for a looser and more playful performance behind the boat. If you are looking for a board that will work for almost everyone on your boat, the Koal Fish is the right fit for riding the endless wave behind your boat.

Ronix Parks Carbon Thruster Wakesurf Board-Blem - $629.99

Parks Bonifay has been known to hit the salty waterways off the coast of Florida to hang ten. The latest edition of his pro model Wakesurf Board, the Parks Carbon Thruster took some cues from its oceanic brothers. If you want a fast-charging board with almost unlimited fin configurations, this is what you've been looking for all along. The Parks Carbon's lightweight carbon construction and unique rail design give this board the fastest and most reactive ride in the whole Ronix line.

Ronix One Carbon Skimmer Wakesurf Board-Blem - $584.99

Always striving to be better, Danny Harf and Ronix went back to the drawing board this off-season and tweaked the design of the One Carbon Skimmer to make it even better. The new skate inspired concaved top deck gives you a better grip and overall feel while you're airing out of the wake and mastering your 360's and shuv-its. We also like the One Carbon because it features a fin box at the tip and tail giving you the ability to ride switch without sacrificing a ton of performance and maneuverability.

Ronix Koal Power Tail Wakesurf Board - - $521.99

The Ronix Koal Power Tail is one of our favorite surfers for 2014. We first tested it at Radar Lake last summer and we were blown away by the performance. The wide tail design makes this short board ride and feel much larger than it actually is. This means that a 200lb. person could easily ride on this board without sacrificing float. An over-sized tail shape also means that the Koal Power Tail is great for people that have a smaller wake.

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