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Anticipated 2013 Malibu 20 MXZ Wakesetter Unveiled

If you could have the perfect small family boat what would it be? The Malibu 20 MXZ (Little Giant) is the one for me. I need ample ballast and the best interior layout. Smaller boats take less weight to displace more of the hull creating a bigger wake with less effort. This is especially nice when you are out with a handful of people on a regular basis or live on a restricted private body of water such as Lake Oswego in Oregon.

Malibu has developed that boat for 2013. The new Malibu 20 MXZ is exactly what customers have been asking for. A boat that gives you similar space to the Malibu VLX but is shorter in length. MXZ 20 will still have the bells and whistles you are accustom to.

This is the ultimate cross over when loaded with Plug n' Play Ballast and the all new SurfGate device. Take a slalom set in the morning, followed by a wakeboard pull then when you are getting tired jump on the surf board. What side? Doesn't matter as that can be changed in seconds. Nothing can stop this new boat in the Malibu line from taking over it's category.

(Malibu Boats, TN) The all-new WAKESETTER 20 MXZ is for those who love to wakeboard and wakesurf and are looking for the numerous advantages of a 20-foot boat including responsiveness, easy garage storage and trailer-ability.

Completing the trio of the MXZ series, the 20 MXZ is sure to find its place based on the popularity of the already-proven 22 and 24 MXZ. Riders on small lakes or rivers will definitely appreciate this small boat that delivers a big punch.

With the largest bow/cockpit combination in the 20-foot water sport boat market, and luxurious amenities, every inch of the 20 MXZ is MaXimiZed for the ultimate day on the water. You’ll also find several features not found in other 20-foot boats including a comfortable rear lounge at the stern, highest capacity rating and tallest freeboard (waterline to main deck).

This premium wake boat can be summed up in two words: LITTLE GIANT.

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