Babes Boat Bright - 16oz/128oz

Babes Boat Bright - 16oz/128oz


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Clean and protect your boat every time you use it with Babe's Boat Bright polymer sealant.


Babe's Boat Care - Babe's Boat Brite is made to be used every time you wipe down your boat by enhancing the finish with a light wax surface and UV protectants. Babe's specially formulated design instantly creates a water repellent barrier on your boat which will cause water to roll right off. This helps to reduce water spots by keeping minerals from sitting on the surface of your boat. Babe's Boat Brite will also help minimize scratches by adding a mar-resistant coating to your boat. UV protection helps keep your boat safe from fading and oxidation also.

What is Gelcoat?
Gelcoat is a thin, porous mix of polyester resin and pigment that is sensitive to the damaging effects of ultra-violet (UV) rays and environmental contaminates. Left unprotected, gelcoat will begin to deteriorate over time and the finish will fade and dull. This fading and dulling is called oxidation.

The most common method boat owners use to maintain their gelcoat is to apply wax to the gelcoat fiberglass using traditional wax products as often as possible. However, traditional waxes do not contain UV protectants and once exposed to boating conditions will quickly deteriorate. The effort to apply wax on a boat is arduous and time consuming and most boat owners do not wax their boat as often as necessary to maintain the finish and appearance.

Why Boat Bright?
Boat Bright employs a specially formulated, synthetic wax blend with UV protectants to provide extreme water repellency, gloss, scratch resistance and durability. Boat Bright is, without question, the easiest and most effective product to use on a regular basis to maintain the finish and appearance of your boat. The more you use Boat Bright, the better it performs.

Importance of UV Protectants
UV Protectants are categorized in two general classifications. One type of protectant absorbs UV radiation and the other inhibits UV degradation by acting as a resin stabilizer. Our advanced formula of Boat Bright utilizes a 50/50 "synergistic" blend of both to provide powerful UV protection. When applied frequently, a simple wipe-on application of Boat Bright will assist in protecting against color fade, chalking and oxidation associated with UV degradation.

How to apply Babes Boat Bright
Boat Bright may be applied as often as you like to gelcoat fiberglass, glass, plexiglass, stainless steel and other related marine exterior parts. Boat Bright can be used on wet or dry surfaces, in direct sunlight or in the shade.

Spray a light mist, then wipe the surface with a soft, absorbent cloth, turning cloth on a regular basis until surface becomes completely dry. Unlike wax, Boat Bright does not need to dry before it is wiped off. If Boat Bright has dried on the surface, it is easily removed by spraying the area with more Boat Bright, then wiping dry.

For superior results, we recommend using BABE'S Extreme Performance Towels. These commercial grade micro-fiber towels prevent the product from being absorbed in the towel and create a high polished finish to the surface.

Restoring Gelcoat
BABE’S Boat Bright is a maintenance product not a "restoration" product. For surfaces that have deteriorated and become oxidized, a more aggressive treatment is necessary. We suggest you visit Easy Boat Care and secure a compound designed to restore gelcoat.

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  • 9/22/2015
    Good Stuff
    William kittridge

    After wiping my boat down i have started to apply the babes boat brite to help prevent mineral deposit build up from the river. To date I have only applied twice but the boat looks super clean and feels smooth to the touch after application. I do think frequent application is key to this working well but I will continue to use as its quick and easy to apply

  • 7/27/2015
    Pretty good and fast to use
    Michael Swift

    Great for keeping off water spots, but not really a replacement for waxing. My wax is in good shape so I was hoping to get a bit more shine on the deck areas that get a lot of wear. I'll keep using this product though. Great for keeping off the water spots and wiping away the scum line.