Attwood Marine Products

Attwood Marine Products

Attwood designs, manufactures, tests, and distributes a complete line of tsunami pumps, stainless steel thru-hull fittings, and marine parts that are key components in every wakeboard ballast system.

Wakeboard Boat manufacturers rely on Attwood Marine more than any other boat accessories manufacturer in the world. Attwood Sahara bilge pumps and Attwood Tsunami ballast pumps consistently outperform and outlast all others. And not just in the lab, but under real-water conditions. Attwood is always working hard to ensure their products meet OEM quality standards.

The Attwood wakeboard boat division makes quality their highest priority and they aren't afraid to back it up with the best test facility and warranty in the marine industry. Attwood has invested in people and equipment to ensure that they can meet their own value proposition. Attwood works hard to ensure accurate, consistent, and repeatable data to make sure the marine products meet industry standards set by the USCG, NMMA, ABYC, and CE.

  • Factory wakeboard ballast upgrade kits

    Ballast Upgrades

    For boats with ballast built-in, our factory wakeboard ballast upgrades add weight without costing a ton.

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  • Wakeboard Ballast Bags

    Ballast Bags

    The largest selection of wakeboard ballast bags available anywhere, so you can find the perfect fit.

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  • Wakeboard Boat Propellers


    Let us help you find the perfect propeller to unlock hidden performance and economy, especially with ballast.

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