Supra/Moomba BagBuster Rear Ballast Upgrade (2009-2012)

Supra/Moomba BagBuster Rear Ballast Upgrade (2009-2012)
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Manufacturer Part # 42102
Item # 42102


If you own a 2009 to 2012 Supra or Moomba wakeboard boat this is by far the fastest and easiest way to increase the size of your wake for wakeboarding and wakesurfing.


Quickly and easily upgrade the factory rear ballast bags in your 2009 to 2012 Supra or Moomba wakeboard boat with our ballast upgrade kit that includes a Fly High Pro X Series ballast bag and all of the necessary fittings.

This kit is designed specifically for 2009 to 2012 Supra and Moomba wakeboard boats equipped with the Gravity III wakeboard ballast system from the factory. Included is a new ballast bag with quick connects ready to be connected to the matching quick connect fittings on the ends of the factory hoses. (We no longer glue the fittings into our bags)

Since the new larger capacity bag comes from the same company that supplies the factory, It doesn't get any more factory than this. The result is increased capacity that looks like it could have come from the factory.

Bag SizeApplication
No BagChose this option if you already have a Fly High Pro X Series ballast bag.
565 lbsSuitable for use in all 2009+ Supra and Moomba v-drive boats
750 lbsSuitable for use in 2009+ Moomba Outback V, LSV and XLV boats and 2009+ Supra 20V, 21V, 22V and 24V boats.
1,100lbsSuitable for use in 2009+ Moomba LSV and XLV boats and 2009+ Supra 21V, 22V and 24V boats.


Installation takes less than a minute from start to finish, and results in a factory quality installation with up to 1,100 pounds of total weight. The installation is accomplished by completing the following steps:

  1. Remove the factory ballast bag by releasing the red locking ring on the fill and drain connectors.
  2. Place the new bag in the boat and reconnect the fill and drain hoses to the connectors, ensure the red locking ring is in the down position.

This upgrade is ideal for setting the boat up for surfing on one side, or both sides with two kits, and can also be used with additional weight in the bow of the boat to create a monster wakeboard wake.<./p>

To change the fill time of the ballast:

1. Connect battery to the wiring with the 60 amp breaker.

2. Disconnect power to the ballast control box by tripping the 60 amp breaker located by the battery.

a. This will have to be done for programming each ballast control box. (Left rear ballast, Right rear ballast, and Front ballast)

3. Reset the breaker

4. Within 1 minute of resetting the breaker; toggle the ballast switch (of the fill time you want to change) FILL-OFF-EMPTY-OFF- FILL-OFF-EMPTY-OFF-FILL

a. Stop with the switch toggled to FILL.

b. This will enter ballast control box into programming mode.

c. When the ballast control box goes into programming mode the pump will quit turning on.

5. The LED on the ballast switch will blink to show current fill time.

a. When counting blinks wait for the second blink cycle after the pause, blinking starts as soon as reprogramming has started and it is easy to miss the first few blinks.

b. Refer to the timing chart to determine the current fill time based on the number of blinks.

6. To ADD TIME to the fill time

a. To add 30 secs, turn ballast switch to FILL then OFF.

b. Number of blinks will increase by one each time the FILL – OFF is toggled.

c. Add remaining number of toggles of FILL – OFF to get the desired number of blinks from the timing chart.

d. End with the switch toggled to FILL to count the blinks.

7. To REMOVE TIME from the fill time.

a. To remove 30 secs, turn to OFF then DRAIN

b. Number of blinks decreases by one each time the DRAIN – OFF is toggled.

c. Add the remaining number of toggles of DRAIN – OFF to get the desired number of blinks from the timing chart.

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  • 9/17/2014
    750 Rear Ballast Moomba Outback V 2012

    Super easy upgrade to my 2012 Moomba Outback V. Fits perfectly with no issues. Made a huge difference over the factory 400. Going to get another one for the other side. Wavemakers tech was also very helpful in reprogramming pumps. Unfortunately the pump timer control module can only be programmed if you have the digital cruise. This was a new feature for 2012 & up.

  • 9/8/2011
    The best thing you can do for your boat.
    Arkansas Lake Surfer

    I just installed a pair of the 1100 pound bags in my 2009 Moomba XLV and I can't say enough about the difference it makes. The surfing is incredible. We are still playing with speed and shape, but the sheer difference in energy we can generate with the wave is awesome. We are just sad that the season is wrapping up. Next on the toy purchasing list will be some faster pumps to fill these giant bags, and maybe a dry suit to extend the season.