2015 Ronix Koal Thruster Wakesurf Board

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2015 Ronix Koal Thruster Wakesurf Board

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Manufacturer Ronix - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # 152350
Item # 152006


From the quickest line of wakesurf boards Ronix offers, The Koal Thruster shares the hard-charging shape of the Carbon Thruster without the carbon price tag.


The Ronix Koal Thruster shares its shape with the Carbon Thruster, so you can expect a similar hard-charging response from this wakesurf board. This Ronix Koal Surfboard has a fast squash tail design for riders who ride primarily on their rails. It features the quickest rocker line, construction, profile, and rail design that Ronix has ever made.

The major redesign on the Koal Thruster for 2015 was to give the board the maximum amount of glide without sacrificing the hard charging, slashing effect that makes this Thruster popular. The solution came with the redesign of the bottom channels that were re-engineered to help maximize your glide speed. The Koal Thruster surfboard is great if you are looking to drive up the face of the wake, or just need added glide without the rope. This wakesurf board also features a new concave top deck for more board control and a more pronounced machined EVA top deck with a built in tail wedge.

The Koal Thruster wakesurf board is constructed like a modern surfboard with a foam core wrapped in epoxy fiberglass. These boards are reasonably durable, lighter, faster and more buoyant then a standard compression molded board, so you have to be a little more careful with them, but the performance aspects are noticeable. This wakesurf board includes 5 fins (2 – 2.3” surf bottom mount fins and 3 – 2.9” surf bottom mount fins) that can be adjusted for a more locked in or loose feel.

New for 2015, the Koal wakesurfers are “handcrafted by robots.” Ronix uses CNC machines (a cousin of the robot family) to craft their cores, so they are milled out to their exact specifications every time. Then the exact amount of glass and resin is applied to each board and vacuum bagged, ensuring that you get the strongest, lightest layup on every board.

The Ronix Koal Thruster gives you the high-end performance found in the Carbon Thruster shape but without the high price tag and extra reactiveness of carbon fiber. The Thruster combines stability, drive and maneuverability, so you can be confident that this set up will be enjoyed by intermediate and advanced riders on the water.

Epoxy Fiberglass: Built like a modern ocean surfboard, epoxy fiberglass boards combine the best in performance with a reasonably durable construction. Ligher weight, and a fully wrapped foam core with continuous rail surface make for a boat that rides high in the water and is fast.
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