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Ronix Bandwagon ATR Wakeboard

2014 Ronix Bandwagon ATR Wakebaord

  • 2014 Ronix Bandwagon ATR Wakebaord
  • 2014 Ronix Bandwagon ATR Wakebaord Camber Rocker Line
  • 2014 Ronix Bandwagon ATR Wakebaord Top Rocker Line
  • 2014 Ronix Bandwagon ATR Wakebaord Tennis Ball

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Ronix has never designed anything quite like this. For starter it's a tennis court for mice.


Paul and the people at Ronix have designed hundreds of wakeboards over the past several decades but nothing quite like this. For starter it's a tennis court for mice. That and it is the starting block for the camber revolution. If you are not into winter sports then you probably do not know the battle between camber and rocker.

Think of this board as having mustachio shaped rocker lines providing a One board feel on the water, with a huge sweet spot and increased lift even at slower speeds. This board is an ollie machine which cable riders are going to love.

From tip to tail the 146 cm prototype rode like a 138 cm because of how the water came off of the base. You will gain the stability of a bigger board but have the control of a much shorter shape. With the ability to feel all of the energy the board forces you to be neutrally balanced allowing you to drive the board off of the wake using your front foot as much as you would your back foot. The most explosive yet consistent snap Ronix has ever designed and it might just bring Shaun Murray to Radar Lake. Jump on The Bandwagon. Oh yeah... We need to mention there is a grass scent that is an exact match of Brian Gardner's favorite tennis court.

  • Shape
    • Rails/Edges:Full center rail blends to thinner tip/tail for added flex
    • Fin Configuration:4 alloy 1.0" fins & 4 fiberglass .8" babooshka fins
    • Rocker Type:Camber
    • Hull:Camber with a clean bottom design
  • Construction
    • Core:Mod Pour & Diamond Glass
    • Laminates:
    • Base Type:Sintered- Ultra-durable and fast
  • Features
    • Binding Compatibility:M6 Hardware
    • Technology:Stored Energy-Provides a mellower kick off the wake similar to a snowboard or skateboard


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