O'Neill Assault Drysuit

6 Reasons Why You NEED A Drysuit For Wakeboarding And Wakesurfing

Posted by Jake on Sep, 26 2014

Fall is in the air and that means the lakes and waterways are getting less crowded and the water is glass. These are all great, except for one small thing… the water gets cold, really fast. Don’t get left at … Continue reading

WakeMAKERS X-Link Ballast System

Tech Tuesday #19: X-Link Ballast System Explained

Posted by Jake on Jul, 22 2014

The X-Link Ballast System is designed for owners with pre-2013 boat models that want a SurfGate or NSS style system. Installing the X-Link system gives you the option to quickly transfer water from one ballast bag to the other in … Continue reading


WakeMAKERS Pro Rider Spotlight | Austin Hair

Posted by Jake on Jun, 26 2014

Austin Hair is a world class wakeboarder and a team rider for Supra Boats. When he isn’t traveling the world for contests he spends his time riding with friends on Clear Lake, Florida. (WM) Can you walk us through a … Continue reading

Upgrading Props for Wakesurfing

Should I Upgrade My Factory Prop For Wakesurfing?

Posted by Jake on Jun, 06 2014

“Should I upgrade my Factory Prop for Wakesurfing?”  We hear this question a lot and think it’s something worth discussing more in depth. The short answer is usually YES. The long answer is a bit more technical… Keep reading to … Continue reading

Malibu XTIi

Tech Tuesday #13: Weighting a Malibu XTi for Wakesurfing

Posted by Spencer on May, 06 2014

The Malibu XTi can be a tricky boat to weight for wakesurfing based on the amount of room we have to work with. We have had many customers that actually produce great wakes behind the direct drive Malibu’s so it is … Continue reading


The Best Wakesurfing Web Videos of 2013

Posted by Jake on Dec, 30 2013

Advancements in the boating industry helped make 2013 the best year ever for wakesurfing. New technology like the Nautique Surf System (NSS), Supra Boats Swell Surf System, and Malibu Surf Gate helped push the sport to new levels. As we … Continue reading


Bri Chmel Wakesurfing Behind Her Centurion 244+

Posted by Spencer on Jan, 23 2013

Bri Chmel edited this video from her 2012 wakesurf season footage. This chick rips on a surfboard. The goofy wake behind her 2013 Centurion Enzo 244+ is ridiculous. Watch this video with your wife, daughter, or girlfriend. Get stoked on … Continue reading


Weight Your Boat for Wakesurfing

Posted by Kyle on May, 30 2011

Ever wonder if your wakesurfing wake could be better? We’ve put together a post on how to properly weight your boat in order to create the best wake possibly for wakesurfing! Continue reading


Why WakeMAKERS Is Leading the Ballast Industry

Posted by Kyle on May, 06 2011

Well you’ve found our site and we’re excited you’re stopping by. Now let us tell you why you should choose WakeMAKERS to assist you in solving all of your boating ballast system’s needs! Continue reading

Fly High Ballast Bag Colors In Stock for Shipping!

Posted by Kyle on

The Fly High Pro X Series Fat Sac ballast bag has always been the most durable and easiest to use ballast bags on the market. So what could make them better? How about a lil’ color!

Continue reading