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  • 6 Reasons Why You NEED A Drysuit For Wakeboarding And Wakesurfing

    Wakesurfing in a O'Neill Drysuit

    Fall is in the air and that means the lakes and waterways are getting less crowded and the water is glass. These are all great, except for one small thing... the water gets cold, really fast. Don't get left at the dock because you weren't prepared for the dropping water temps. Check out the O'Neill Boost and Assault Hybrid Drysuits and get ready to extend your season indefinitely. Continue reading

  • Tech Tuesday #19: X-Link Ballast System Explained

    X-Link Ballast System Explained

    The X-Link Ballast System is designed for owners with pre-2013 boat models that want a SurfGate or NSS style system. Installing the X-Link system gives you the option to quickly transfer water from one ballast bag to the other in half the time. Anyone that's been on a boat with regular and goofy wakesurf riders knows how cumbersome it can be to switch the ballast between riders. The X-Link System takes the process down from 10-18 minutes in a 750 pound bag to right around 5 minutes. Leaving you with more time for wakesurfing and less time waiting for your bags to fill and drain. Continue reading

  • WakeMAKERS Pro Rider Spotlight | Austin Hair

    Austin Hair is a world class wakeboarder and a team rider for Supra Boats. When he isn't traveling the world for contests he spends his time riding with friends on Clear Lake, Florida.


    (WM) Can you walk us through a typical day in the life of Austin Hair?

    (AH) I wake up to a semi healthy breakfast of ezekial bread covered in bananas and almond butter. Then I go out for a set on the boat, afterwards I’ll head to the cable, then I’ll do some training at my kickboxing gym. It’s a pretty active day.

    (WM) You’re one of the Pro Team riders for Supra. What Supra Boat do you currently have and what’s the best part about riding for them?

    (AH) I’ve got the SA550. The boat is awesome. It has the swell system so we love wakesurfing behind it. I also love the wake for wakeboarding. The best part about being on the team is that we’re more than just associates, we’re all one big family.

    (WM) Why do you ride for Supra? What sets Supra apart from the other boat brands?

    (AH) I ride for Supra because I absolutely love their product. When you’re in the driver seat, you feel like a king, and when you’re riding you can just launch.

    (WM) What was the biggest improvement from your older Supra to the new SA?

    (AH) Probably the Supra Swell System. Its awesome to be able to transfer from wake to wake and ride either side.

    (WM) As a pro rider what aspects of the design made you move from the Supra 242 to the new Supra SA? Was it the hull change that made you switch from a 24’ boat to a 22’ boat?

    (AH) Yeah the hull change was a huge part. This wake doesn’t curl over very easily, so you can add a lot more weight while keeping the wake super clean.

    (WM) What wake characteristic do you like about the Supra SA over the Mastercraft X-Star that you ride on tour?

    (AH) I like how this boat doesn’t lip over at all. It’s awesome that you can get the wake this huge and keep it clean.

    2013-2014 Supra/Moomba Ballast Upgrades


    Shop for 2013-2014 Supra/Moomba BagBuster and Piggyback Ballast Upgrades>>


    (WM) Can you describe the ballast setup on your boat. How do you weigh each section of the boat and with how much weight? 

    (AH) I actually was putting weight in the front when I had the 450 to make it a little steeper, but the 550 is actually pretty steep so I’ve been taking that extra weight from the front and moving it to the back. I have the upgraded ballast, then a couple hundred pounds in lead, then 3 additional fat sacks on the floor in the back and the walkway. The ballast does a pretty good job of covering most of the weight these days.

    (WM) You’ve picked up some ballast upgrade products from us before. How did you hear about us?

    (AH) I heard about you through a friend who did his own plug and play system on an older Malibu. He suggested I try the same thing.

    ACME 2247 Prop (WM) Here’s another tough boat question. What prop do you use? With all that additional weight in your boat you must be working with an upgraded prop.

    (AH) I’m not sure off the top of my head, but I definitely asked for the “wakeboard” prop. The prop can make a huge difference in getting on plane.

    *We think it's probably the ACME 2315

    (WM) Does your new boat have the Supra Swell Surf System? We’ve had the chance to ride behind an SC with the Swell System and we were blown away by the wake.

    (AH) Yes it does and its awesome. It takes a lot less ballast to get the wake amazing, and if you add ballast the wake gets even bigger. Its cool to just press a button and be able to shape the surf wake.

    (WM) Can you tell us about your Pro Model Jobe Maddox Wakeboard & Bindings?

    (AH) I wanted something that popped big and landed soft, and that’s what we made. It’s been great! I go huge now and have been learning some new tricks!

    (WM) How’s Clear Lake, FL? Who do you normally ride with when you’re not traveling for contests?

    (AH) I’ve been riding with Kirby Leisman, Stephen Pierce, and Julian Cohen. It’s a rad lake. Even though there’s a ton of pro’s on the lake no one ever rides.

    (WM) We saw on your instagram (@austinhair) that you were in Breckenridge, Colorado for a snowboarding trip. What else do you do to cross-train for the wakeboarding season?

    (AH) I like to surf, flow ride, wake surf, and kickbox.

    (WM) Any sponsor shoutouts?

    (AH) Yep, I love rockin my nectar shades on any occasion, Elevated clothing makes the best wake apparel for hangin out by the beach or going out in general, living fuel is a super food sponsor that keeps me super healthy and energized, zinka keeps me from getting sunburned, and vita coco keeps me hydrated.

    (WM) Where can people find you online?

    (AH) Austinhair.net and my Facebook page is just Austin Hair.

  • Should I Upgrade My Factory Prop For Wakesurfing?

    "Should I upgrade my Factory Prop for Wakesurfing?"  We hear this question a lot and think it's something worth discussing more in depth. The short answer is usually YES. The long answer is a bit more technical... Keep reading to hear the reasons why you should think about upgrading your Prop for wakesurfing.

    Most V-Drive Boats come from the factory with a standard Prop. If you are spending a lot of your time wakesurfing with additional ballast you will want to look at upgrading your prop. Both ACME and OJ make props for all of the major brands like Malibu, Mastercraft, Nautique, Supra, Moomba, MB Sports, Centurion, Tige and more. Our easy to use Prop Finder Guide gives you three different options for each boat model. We break down the most popular options available for your boat by listing the suggested prop for Recreational Riding, Wakeboarding/Wakesurfing, and for High Elevation/Heavily Weighted Boats.

    Having the right propeller for your boat and application (wakesurfing in this case) is important because it can increase your fuel efficiency, maximize engine life and improve the overall performance and handling of your boat.

    Making the switch from an old Prop to a new Upgraded Prop that's designed for your boat and the increased weight that's necessary when wakesurfing will make a noticeable difference. A lot of our customers are shocked at how much better their "old" boat performs once they've switched out the prop.

    Upgrading your Prop has it's benefits

    • Increased Fuel Efficiency
    • Helps to Maximize Engine Life
    • Improves Handling
    • Minimizes Speed Fluctuations and Vibrations

    Now that we've told you WHY upgrading your Prop for Wakesurfing is important we will go over what tools you need to make the switch.

    Prop Puller Kits

    We recommend spending a few extras dollars and buying one of the Weekend Saver Kits. You save some additional money by bundling the items and you have everything you need in order to change your prop.

    Click here to watch our video on removing an Inboard Propeller.

    ACME Props

    OJ Props

  • Tech Tuesday #13: Weighting a Malibu XTi for Wakesurfing

    Weighing a Malibu XTi for Wakesurfing

    The Malibu XTi can be a tricky boat to weight for wakesurfing based on the amount of room we have to work with. We have had many customers that actually produce great wakes behind the direct drive Malibu's so it is possible. The most common setups are to either buy the Fly High V-Drive Sac Set or the Fly High Fat Sac and the Fly High Tube Sac. The sac placement is further explained below. Unfortunately, the XTi does not allow the sacs to be hidden.

    Port Setup

    Fly High Pro X Series V Drive Sac SetOption 1: Fly High V Drive Bag Set - One on the side of the motor compartment and the other rear seat. This will give you around 800lbs. of ballast on the surf side but it will distribute the weight evenly.



    Fly High Pro X Series Tube SacOption 2: Fly High Tube Sac - The best placement is along the side of the motor compartment with a Fly High Fat Sac on the rear seat. You can use the tube sac to support the extra length and this configuration will give you the standard weight distribution for surfing with the majority of weight in the stern of the boat.


    Starboard Setup

    Fly High Pro X Series V Drive Sac SetOption 1: Fly High V Drive Bag Set - One on the rear/side seat and the other in the middle leg room on the floor. Because Malibu has a left hand prop rotation coupled with the extra weight of the driver the starboard side surf wake is usually cleaner with less ballast.



    Fly High Pro X Series Tube SacOption 2: Fly High Tube Sac - Placed in the walk way next to the driver for added mid ship weight with a Fly High Fat Sac on the rear/side seat. This option will produce a tall and long wake for surfing.
    Shop for Wakesurf Ballast»


    Please let us know if you have any more questions or ideas about turning your crossover Malibu into a wakesurf machine. To get in touch with one of our ballast experts call (888)-338-6085  or send us an email sales@wakemakers.com

  • The Best Wakesurfing Web Videos of 2013

    Advancements in the boating industry helped make 2013 the best year ever for wakesurfing. New technology like the Nautique Surf System (NSS), Supra Boats Swell Surf System, and Malibu Surf Gate helped push the sport to new levels. As we look back on the year, we thought it would be a great opportunity to share some of our favorite wakesurfing edits from 2013. We hope you enjoy and feel free to let us know about any edits that we missed in the comments section below.

    Land Locked with Chase Hazen

    Chase makes everything look easy on his 2014 Chase Sixer Wakesurf Board from Liquid Force. Filmed and edited by Patrick Wieland, this edit won the Tige MyWake Global Challenge in August for the Men's Pro Wakesurfing Division. Does your Tige Z3 put out a wake like this? If not, our ballast upgrade section can help you get that pro level wake quickly and easily.

    Land Locked featuring Chase Hazen from Patrick Wieland on Vimeo.

    Dominic Lagace Shred at Phucket Wakepark

    Dominic Lagace is another Liquid Force team rider that appears to be getting the most out of his Tige. If you enjoy world-class skim surfing and a breathtaking backdrop you're going to be a fan of this video. Lagace is riding his Liquid Force Doum Skim which is built for speed and massive airs.

    Dominic Lagace Shred at Phuket wakepark from [spot] on Vimeo.

    Wakesurfing in Mammoth Lakes with Tommy Czechin and Mike Morrissey

    After Tommy finishes up his half pipe shredding for the year he likes to hit the waterways at Mammoth Lakes with his Nautique 210 and TC Custom Skim Board.


    Phase 5 Media Shoot '13

    What happens when you take some of the worlds best wakesurfer's and give them 3 premium wakesurf boats and a private lake? The Phase 5 2013 Media Shoot. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this awesome edit from CB Filmz.

    Phase 5 Media Shoot '13: Part 3 - Phase 5 Wakesurfers from CB Filmz on Vimeo.

  • Choosing The Right Wakesurf Board

    How to Choose A Wakesurf Board

    Wakesurfing is the newest boardsport to hit the waterways, but it’s quickly becoming the most popular watersport because of the amazing feeling that comes from being pushed by the wave left behind by your boat.

    The sensation of being propelled by a wave is no longer relegated to people that live in coastal areas. Wakesurfing has opened up the this amazing sport to anyone with access to a boat and some water. If you've never experienced the joy of riding an endless wave behind a boat, now is the time to start.

    Board Length

    Most boards range from 4' to 6' in length. There are benefits to both big wakesurf boards and small wakesurf boards and we will do our best to explain which one will work best for you.

    Big Wakesurf Boards 5' and up: Bigger wakesurf boards have more surface area, more float, and generate speed more easily. This makes them a great option for bigger riders and riders who are riding behind a smaller wake. The increased float also makes them a good option for beginners.

    Ronix Koal Thruster Wakesurf Board in 5'1 and 5'7- From beginners to advanced riders, everyone can have fun on this playful and buoyant shape. Multiple fin adjustments give you the option to ride it with 3 fins for a tighter feel or a single fin for a looser and more playful ride.

    Liquid Force Happy Pill in 4'4 and 4'8- The Liquid Force Happy Pill is a shorter shaped board with a ton of surface area, so it rides like a longboard.

    Small Wakesurf Boards 5' and under: Smaller wakesurf boards are great for advanced riders and lightweight riders. These smaller boards are easier to maneuver and air out of the wave, making them the board of choice for most advanced riders. These boards don't offer as much surface area as bigger boards, so they usually require a larger wave with more push.

    Ronix Koal Power Tail Wakesurf Board in 4'5 and 4'11- The Koal Power Tail is one of the most fun boards we've ever ridden. This board delivers the speed and agility of a small board with the push of a larger wakesurfer due to the increased size of the tail.

    Liquid Force Chase Sixer Wakesurf Board in 4'4 and 4'8- Re-designed for 2015, the new Chase Sixer is faster and it offers a ton of different fin configurations. Ridden and designed by World Champion Wakesurfer Chase Hazen, the 2015 Sixer can handle anything you throw it's way.

    Skim, Surf, Or Hybrid Shape?

    Most wakesurf boards come in one of three different shapes: Skim, Surf, and Hybrid.

    Skim Style boards are thinner and less buoyant. They are generally better for doing spins (180's & 360's) because they feature shorter fins and less overall resistance. We recommend skim style wakesurfers for more advanced riders because they offer less floatation and control. The Phase 5 Matrix and the Slingshot Skim Bender are both good examples of  skim style wakesurf boards.

    Skim Wakesurf Board Shape

    Surf Style boards are similar to their ocean counterpart. They are thicker, more buoyant and they feature longer fins for a more controlled feel on the wake. We recommend surf style boards for beginners because they are easier to learn on. The Ronix Koal Thruster is a good example of a surf style wakesurf board.

    Wakesurf Board Shape

    Hybrid Style boards are a blend between the two most popular shapes: surf and skim. The goal of the hybrid shape is to offer the playfulness of a skim style board with the feel and board responsiveness that only a surf style board can give. The Ronix Carbon Surf Skimmer is a good example of a hybrid style board.

    Hybrid Wakesurf Shape

    Construction Styles

    Compression Molded wakesurf boards are made using the same construction as a wakeboard. This makes them a great option for beginners because they are more durable than surf constructed boards. Compression molded boards tend to be heavier and less responsive that surf constructed wakesurf boards so they are generally regarded as a beginner board.

    Epoxy Fiberglass/Surfboard Construction boards are made from a foam core and covered in a layered glass. This makes the boards lightweight, but they are also much more fragile than compression molded wakesurf boards. The speed and performance of these boards makes them a favorite for more advanced riders.

    Hybrid Foam construction is when a manufacturer uses a blend of construction styles. The Ronix Mellow Thrasher is a good example of this because it features a soft foam top and compression molded construction. These boards are great for beginners and kids because it offers them a forgiving platform to learn on. The performance is more sluggish than compression molded and surf constructed boards because the foam top dampens the reaction between your feet and the board.

    Wakesurf Board Construction Types

    Rocker Lines 

    Rocker lines play a big role in how a wakesurf board rides behind the boat. In general, boards with less rocker ride smoother and faster on the water and boards with more rocker are slower and a bit slower but they work better for steeper waves.


    Just like a wakeboard, the rail on a wakesurf board gives you the "bite" or forgiveness you need. Boards with a thin rail offer more grab and response behind the boat and boards with a thicker rail are typically slower to respond to your body movement.

    Ropes & Handles

    Often overlooked but definitely a must-have for safety reasons, wakesurf specific rope and handles feature prevent injury from catching the rope with your arms, legs or even neck. These ropes are around 25 feet in total length and there are a few different design options. Shop for Wakesurf Ropes and Handles>>

    Boat Speed

    Finding the right speed for wakesurfing is essential to creating a good wake that has enough push for riders to drop the rope. Most boats perform best for wakesurfing when driven at 9-12mph. You will want to play around with your speed until you find the optimal speed. Finding the right speed for your boat is a huge part of building a great wake. If you are driving too slow the wake will appear "washy" and not have enough push, and if you are driving too fast the wake will flatten out.

    Weighting Your V-Drive Boat for Wakesurfing

    Want to surf without the rope? Of course you do. Click here for our guide on "Weighting Your V-Drive Boat For Wakesurfing".


    Wakesurfing Safety

    The first rule of wakesurfing is to never surf behind an outboard or inboard/outboard (I/O) boat. To safely and properly wakesurf you will need an inboard boat. Inboard boats have the propeller tucked under the boat and in front of the rudder. Surfing behind an outboard or I/O boat can cause serious injury or even death.

    Previously mentioned above the second rule of wakesurfing is to always use a surf specific handle. Wakesurf specific handles and ropes are smaller than wakeboard and waterski handles so they help to prevent a rider from getting their head or other body parts caught in the handle opening.

    Another thing to be aware of is Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning. It's a common concern while boating, so you need to be aware of the risks and symptoms associated with CO poisoning. If you feel dizzy or light-headed at all while surfing or boarding we highly recommend taking a break.

     Need more information on weighing your boat for wake surfing? Send us an email at sales@wakemakers.com or (888) 338-6085

  • Bri Chmel Wakesurfing Behind Her Centurion 244+

    Bri Chmel edited this video from her 2012 wakesurf season footage. This chick rips on a surfboard. The goofy wake behind her 2013 Centurion Enzo 244+ is ridiculous. Watch this video with your wife, daughter, or girlfriend. Get stoked on wakesurfing and get on the water. It's time to go surfing.

    Shop Centurion Factory Ballast Upgrades

  • Weight Your Boat for Wakesurfing

    WakeMAKERS | Wakesurf Ballast

    With how quickly the wakesurfing movement is growing, there's no question that it's one of the most popular activities behind the boat. With that much interest there is a lot of bad information out there on how to achieve the best possible wake from your boat. In an effort to clear the water, and help our customers achieve the best possible wake, we've compiled the following guide on how to produce a wake everyone will enjoy surfing all summer.

    The Physics

    The first thing to understand about building the perfect wake is how the wake is produced in the first place. When a boat is sitting in a lake it's taking up space that would otherwise be occupied by water. The amount of volume taken up by the boat is known as the displacement of the hull, and depends on a myriad of details such as wetted surface area, gross weight, etc. Essentially though, the heavier the boat, the lower in the water it sits and the more water the boat's hull is displacing. The wake is created once the boat starts moving and water rushes back into place as the boat moves through it. So, in order to make a bigger wake, increase the weight in your boat. These days, while most wakeboarding specific boats do come with a factory ballast system, it won't be enough weight to create a great wakesurfing wake. So in order to create a wake big enough and consistent enough to wakesurf behind you're going to need to add more ballast to your boat. In which case WakeMAKERS can help you with that, we have over 20 years of experience in create the best wakes in the industry for both wakeboarding and wakesurfing.

    Building a great wakesurfing wake doesn't stop there. It's easy to think that all you need is a bigger wake in order to wakesurf, however contrary to this belief, size isn't everything and the shape of the wake is almost just as important as the size. And while wake size might be an easy concept to visualize (more weight = bigger wake), the shape is more about finesse and placing the added ballast weight in specific locations through out your boat. Each boat is different and it might require some trial and error, but by finding those sweet spots in your boat you'll be able to not only create a bigger wake but also a better shaped one that's easier to surf.

    Chad Sharpe Riding the Koal PowerTail
    Generally, when you're out surfing, only one side of the boats wake is being surfed. In which case, a surfing ballast set up will focus the weight to that side of the boat. Key point: To increase the wake's size on either side of the boat, increase the amount of weight on that side of the boat. It is possible that one side of your boat might make a better surf wake than the other, so don't be completely surprised if a ballast configuration that produces an epic surf wake on one side doesn't work as well on the other. Now, if you only have one extra ballast bag or maybe two, focus that extra weight in the back corner of the boat on the side you'll be surfing. This will get the maximum wake size out of your ballast. If you're able to add more ballast after that, you can start playing around more with placement of the weight in order to create a more optimal shape for wakesurfing. When working on the shape of your wake remember that the more weight you add to the back of the boat, the taller the wake will be in height but the shorter it will be in length. By adding weight to the front of the boat, the shorter the wake in height and the longer in length. Therefore, an optimal wakesurfing wake would generally include the majority of the ballast weight in the back corner with smaller amounts of ballast distributed towards the front in order to lengthen and smooth out the wake. Giving your wake more "volume", meaning more water is moving/pushing the rider. The more volume the better and the easier the wakesurfing. For a general application, we recommend 700-1000lbs of additional ballast weight for your wakeboarding boat in order to create the optimal wakesurfing wake.

    If you are new to wakesurfing and you aren't quite sure what ballast setup to get, we recommend looking at our Ballast Bag & Pump Combos. They are a great value and provide enough weight to make most V-Drive boats surf-able.

    [button url=http://www.wakemakers.com/wakeboard-ballast-bag-pump-combos]Shop Ballast Bag & Pump Combos»[/button]

    While we recommend liquid ballast for building your wakesurfing wake, it is possible to use solid ballast. People are a great example of solid ballast that can be used to fine tune your wake after you get the liquid ballast set up. If you've got a bunch of friends with you in the boat, don't be afraid to move them around in order to produce the best wake possible. Another tip to creating a great wakesurfing wake is to make sure you're surfing in deeper water. It's been said that anything over 8ft-10ft will help produce a better wakesurfing wake for your boat. And always remember to drain your ballast before you put your boat back on the lift or trailer. By leaving the extra ballast weight in your boat you're just going to be causing more stress and wear on them which will just make both wear out quicker.

    Another important part of the wakesurfing experience is getting the right wakesurf board for your riding style and ability level. We created our "Wakesurf Board Buyer's Guide"  to help you pick the perfect board for your perfectly weighted boat.

    If you've still got questions about building the perfect wakesurfing wake for your boat, don't hesitate to contact us! We're always up for helping build better wakes in the wakeboarding and wakesurfing community!
    [button url=http://www.wakemakers.com/wakeboard-ballast]Shop Now»[/button]

  • Why WakeMAKERS Is Leading the Ballast Industry

    When it comes to wakeboarding and wakesurfing nothing is as important as the wake. The size and shape of your wake is what makes it or breaks it on those lake days. So why mess around when it comes to building the perfect ballast system that's going to give you that perfect wake? This is where we at WakeMAKERS comes in. When it comes to overall customer experience, nobody else in the wake industry can compare to what you'll receive when you decide to choose WakeMAKERS to help you build your boats ultimate ballast system solution.

    The Best Brands:

    Our customer's happiness is #1 on our list and we want to make sure you're 100% satisfied with your product when you decide to purchase from us. Thats whyWe've carefully hand picked the best products for your wakeboard boat's ballast system. Companies like Fly High, Straight Line, Jabsco and Johnson have been making the highest quality products in the water-sports industries for many years and that's why we carry them.

    The Most Items In-Stock:

    Look around if you need to, but we're confident you'll make the right decision in the end. Nobody else in the Wakeboarding/Wakesurfing industry carries more boat ballast system products and accessories then WakeMAKERS. Not only do we give you the largest selection of ballast system products out there but we make sure you know exactly if what you need is in stock before you make your purchase. Every product on our website features live inventory, which means the status of each product is shown in real-time, so you can be sure we do indeed have a product in stock before placing your order. We use a number of inventory level notifications, all of which should be fairly obvious, to communicate when products will ship from our warehouse. Please note that the time span given does not include shipping and is not the date you will actually receive your products.

    Here are examples of the availability you will see when browsing our website:

    Inventory Notification Level Explanations
    In Stock - Ships Today This item is currently in stock, and will be shipped from our warehouse to you today if we receive your order before 12PM PST.
    In Stock - Ships Tomorrow This items is currently in stock, but since it is after our shipping cut-off for the day it will not ship from our warehouse until the following business day.
    In Stock - Ships in X Days Typically found on our custom made ballast upgrades, this indicates that we have all of the components for the kit in stock, but due to the processing time to assembly everything, your order will not ship for X business days.
    On order - Ships in X Days If we don't currently have a product in stock, but have ordered it and are expecting it from a supplier shortly we'll let you know that it's on order, and give you an estimate of when it will ship.
    Back-ordered - Ships in X Days If we don't currently have a product in stock, and we don't anticipate getting it back in stock, we'll let you know that it's currently on back-order. If we do have an estimate for when we'll have it back in stock we'll list that date here.
    Custom Order - Ships in X Days Some products we offer are made to order, in which case they can include a slight delay for the manufacturing process. For these products we'll list an esimate of the current lead time so you know when you can anticipate receiving your order.

    If you have questions about a specific products availability, or need to check to ensure a delivery date, please contact a ballast expert.

    The Best Customer Service:

    Got a question? Give us a call. Not sure which ballast upgrade is right for your wakeboard boat? Whether you need to integrate a vented loop into your ballast system? Where you need to add weight to your boat in order to create that perfect wake? All you have to do is pick up the phone and we're there. Our offices are open to visitors from 10AM-5PM Monday-Friday, and our ballast experts are available by phone from 9AM-5PM Monday-Friday. And we're also available by email as well. So if you're in the middle of that install and find yourself scratching your head, all you have to do is pick up the phone and we'll be glad to help. Even the smallest question is legit and we're always glad to help.

    We're serious about our customers happiness. Which is why we've designed the WakeMAKERS experience around customer ease, to make sure you get exactly what you need as quickly as possible and without blowing all your hard earned cash. WakeMAKERS.com represents an entirely new way to shop for wakeboard ballast. Information, education, easy to navigate, and enjoyable to use, we've designed this site to match our over-arching philosophy; provide the best product, at the best price, with the best customer support. Customer support which doesn't stop as soon as we get your money. We want to make sure you, your friends and your family are enjoying wakeboarding/wakesurfing for summers to come. Which is why we offer free lifetime technical support, and expert advice with every purchase. Even if you sell one boat and buy another, WakeMAKERS will work with you to make sure our products are performing correctly to give you the best wake possible.

    Your happiness is our number one priority, so we gladly accept returns on any like new products for up to 30 days (please note that sales on all custom ordered items are final). Just retain all of the original packaging that was included with your order so you can return the item complete and we'll be happy to refund your original payment method. And if you see that we lowered the price of an item, within 15 days of a purchase we will extend the difference to you as store credit. We even go as far to say that if one of our competitors drops their price to below ours within 7 days of a purchase, give us a call and we will credit the difference between their new price and ours on to the card that was used for the initial purchase.

    The Most Knowledge and Experience:

    WakeMAKERS.com is the result of 20 years of experience in the wakeboard industry. After being continually frustrated by the available options for purchasing wakeboard ballast, it became clear that there was a real possibility to help fellow riders get the wakeboarding/wakesurfing ballast system that they needed, and provide a great shopping experience at the same time. From planning to installation and usage, whether it's a simple bag and pump to enhance your surf wake, or a completely automated ballast system, our ballast experts have the years of experience necessary to make sure you get the correct product for your application. Not only can we make sure you get exactly what you need, but we can also help you get it installed correctly, so it works exactly when you need it to. And hey, if you're close enough to our offices in Portland, Oregon and want to have us help you out and make sure your system gets installed correctly, just give us a call and we'll get you set up with an installation appointment.

    The bottom line is, we here at WakeMAKERS.com know that you aren't going to choose us for your wakeboard boat ballast system needs because we can sell you the product. There's a whole number of places out there that can do that. No, you're going to choose WakeMAKERS because of all the extra we can provide you with when you make that purchase. We go that extra distance to make sure our customers are 110% satisfied with their experience with WakeMAKERS.

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