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  • Brand Hubs: A Wakeboard Ballast Directory For Every Manufacturer

    You know what kind of wakeboard boat you have, we don't, but you might not know exactly what you need to create the ultimate wake for your boat. Which is where we come in, here at WAKEmakers we've got the knowledge and answers you need to help you build that perfect ballast system for your wakeboard boat. But we also realize that you might not always have the time to spend with us on the phone to figure out what you need. So we went ahead and created our brand hub pages where  all you need to do is know what kind of boat you have and we take care of the rest. Your boats brand hub page is packed with content and products specific to the make of your boat. News, recent blog posts, and products designed for the make of your boat and only your boat. So instead of worrying if the product or ballast system you're looking at will be compatible with that Malibu wakeboard boat of yours, just make your starting point our Malibu Boats hub page and rest assured that every product you're looking at will work with your boat.

    The brand hub pages are designed to save you time and effort when looking for information or products for your wakeboard boat or ballast system. After years of servicing the wakeboarding and wakesurfing community, it's become clear to us that when customers search for what they need they usually do so by searching for their boat's make, model, and year of the boat. So in order for your searches to produce the most relevant information, our team came up with a solution the problem nobody even knew they had. We simply put all the information you need to make the correct decision right at your finger tips. Not sure of the recommended weight distribution in your Supra? Start here at our Supra hub page. Or maybe your looking for some additional ballast for that Malibu Wakesetter of yours, to give you the ultimate wakesurfing wake. You'll find factory integrated ballast systems on our Malibu Boats hub page. It's as simple as that, just start your search at the boat manufacturers hub of your choice and away you go!

    So whether your searching for info or products for your Malibu, Supra, Nautique, Moomba or Mastercraft wakeboard boat, remember to start that search with one of our WAKEmakers hub pages. You'll save yourself some time and effort and be sure that whatever you're looking at is directly related to your wakeboarding or wakesurfing boat.Whatever your looking for, when it comes to building perfect wakeboarding or wakesurfing wakes, nobody else in the Industry can get it done like we can.

    Nautique Hub:

    MasterCraft Hub:

    Moomba Hub:

    Supra Hub:

    Malibu Hub:

  • New WakeMAKERS Ballast Parts Category

    Already have a ballast system but need to replace a few parts to get it up and running? Want to upgrade the quality of a few of your fittings? Or maybe you're looking for a check valve or vented loop to add to your current ballast system to prevent passive fill/drain issues. Whatever your need is when it comes to ballast systems and the individual parts that make them up, you'll be able to find it here in our wakeboard ballast parts category.

    Our ballast system parts selection is full of carefully selected parts for your ballast system which were selected specifically with wakeboard ballast system design and functionality in mind. We don't cary any generic plumbing parts that you might find at your local hardware store, each part is tested and assured to perform in your boat and to meet your expectations. The added benefit in almost every part we sell is that they will cost you less than a similar product you might purchase from the local plumbing store. You get the convenience of getting parts that are tested for compatibility, at the best price, and with the most convenience. Forget multiple trips to the hardware store, everything is included in one place.

    We've carefully designed the shopping experience to cater directly to your needs as well, with the goal of making everything easier on you the customer. If you know the part that you need but aren't sure how to find it, we've got you covered. We've created a parts section that can be searched through in many different ways to make sure you'll get to exactly what you need and get out quickly, without wasting your day scouring the internet trying to find the correct part.

    Search by Category: WakeMAKERS has divided our ballast system parts into 4 major categories for convenient shopping:

    • Ballast Fittings
    • Hose & Accessories
    • Thru-hull Intake Hardware
    • Thru-hull Vents & Drains
    • Check Valves & Vented Loops
    • Electrical Components & Accessories

    Filter Products: Not sure which product you want but know what you need it to do? Filter products by....

    • Category
    • Hose Size
    • Part Manufacturer
    • Thread Size
    • Price

    Search Function: Know exactly what you need and don't want to spend time clicking around? Just search for it. You can always just type in exactly what you're looking for in the Search field at the top right hand of every page on our website. If we've got it, you'll see it show up.

    So next time you're in need of a replacement part for your wakeboard boat's ballast system, remember that when you choose WakeMAKERS you're getting the satisfaction and peace of mind that everything will perform as it should and will save yourself some cash at the same time. That's the WakeMAKERS way.

  • WakeMAKERS Ballast Hose vs. the Other Stuff

    Times are tough these days which makes saving money more important than ever. But saving money and buying an inferior product is never going to be a money saver in the end. And sometimes it’s even easy to think you’re saving money by shopping at the bigger discount stores without doing the due diligence first, and finding out you could have spent less and gotten more somewhere else. Which brings us to the topic of this post. The difference between the PVC Hose you’ll buy at Home Depot vs. the Ballast Hose that we sell here at WakeMAKERS.

    We have two types of ballast hose here at WakeMAKERS; standard and premium. The standard ballast hose is just that, the industry standard. This is the hose Centurion, Malibu, Sanger, Supra, Moomba and others use from the factory on their wakeboard ballast systems. It’s heavy duty walls and thick internal reinforcing spiral minimize kinking when put into tight turns and corners and also do an amazing job of withstanding exposure to any compounds in the bilge of your boat. This hose is going to give you the performance you need without compromising that OEM look.

    WakeMAKERS Premium Ballast Hose

    WakeMAKERS Standard Ballast Hose

    Our premium ballast hose goes above and beyond the industry standard hose without going above and beyond your bank account. This is the highest quality marine ballast hose we could find. The PVC hose has rigid spiral reinforcements which allow it to remain unkinked around some of the tightest corners and bends. On top of this, the premium ballast hose offers partial visibility. This is going to come in hand when you’re troubleshooting your system and want to see the flow through the hose. And if those two attributes weren’t enough, know this; this hose was made specifically for the marine environment. Meaning this is THE hose to use for your bilge. Things like salt water, gas, oil, and heat certainly won’t weaken or destroy it.

    So what about the generic PVC hose you can get from Home Depot or Lowe’s or wherever. Well first and foremost you might think you're saving money, but you’re not. Last we checked, Home Depot’s price on PVC hose was $1.72 for 3/4”, and $1.92 for 1”. Compare those prices to our industry standard ballast hose, which is now on sale for $.99 for 3/4" and $1.49 for 1”. So by doing the research and reading this blog, you just saved yourself some cash, saved yourself a trip to Home Depot (now you can put that gas money in the boat), and got the best quality product available! Other than being more expensive, generic PVC hose isn’t built to handle the pressures or vacuum of marine grade ballast hoses. It will kink when bent too sharply and won’t stand up to the elements of the environment you’re putting it in. Plus, it’s not going to even come close to looking like it was factory installed. Stick with something that’s going to give you that OEM look.

    Got questions? We’re always around and glad to help! Hopefully this post will help make the right decisions when it comes to which hose to use on your install. Even if you do find some generic hose on sale somewhere, the few bucks you save isn’t going to be worth the hassle of reduced flow and durability. Stick with a hose you KNOW is built specifically for your boats ballast system.

    3/4" Ballast Hose


    1" Ballast Hose


    3/4" Premium

    Ballast Hose


    1" Premium

    Ballast Hose


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