Brand Hubs: A Wakeboard Ballast Directory For Every Manufacturer

Posted by Kyle on May, 27 2011

Your boat only has one manufacturer, so why should you have to weed through products and info that aren’t related to it when your shopping? You shouldn’t, which is why we’ve created a Boat Manufacturer’s hub page just for your boat! Continue reading


New WakeMAKERS Ballast Parts Category

Posted by Kyle on May, 21 2011

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WakeMAKERS Ballast Hose vs. the Other Stuff

Posted by Kyle on Apr, 17 2011

You might think you can save yourself some cash by getting your PVC hose from stores like Home Depot. But in the end you’re not doing yourself any favors. You’ll actually be spending more and wasting more of your valuable time. Use a product that was made for your application. Continue reading