The Best Wakesurfing Web Videos of 2013

Posted by Jake on Dec, 30 2013

Advancements in the boating industry helped make 2013 the best year ever for wakesurfing. New technology like the Nautique Surf System (NSS), Supra Boats Swell Surf System, and Malibu Surf Gate helped push the sport to new levels. As we … Continue reading

Tige Comes With Attwood Tsunami 800 Ballast Pumps For 2013

Posted by Spencer on Sep, 15 2012

New for 2013 all Tige Wakeboard boats are shipping with the Attwood Tsunami 800 Aerator Pumps to fill and drain ballast. For 2012 Tige’s were shipped from the factory with Johnson 1000gph aerator pumps so the move to drop the flow rate to 800gph Attwood pumps seems a little strange. Since the system will remain to be plumbed with 3/4″ hose any loss in flow rate will be minimal if any at all. This is a great move which should eliminate priming issues that have plagued some Tige’ models as the Attwood Marine pumps have a shorter intake.

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