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  • Brand Hubs: A Wakeboard Ballast Directory For Every Manufacturer

    You know what kind of wakeboard boat you have, we don't, but you might not know exactly what you need to create the ultimate wake for your boat. Which is where we come in, here at WAKEmakers we've got the knowledge and answers you need to help you build that perfect ballast system for your wakeboard boat. But we also realize that you might not always have the time to spend with us on the phone to figure out what you need. So we went ahead and created our brand hub pages where  all you need to do is know what kind of boat you have and we take care of the rest. Your boats brand hub page is packed with content and products specific to the make of your boat. News, recent blog posts, and products designed for the make of your boat and only your boat. So instead of worrying if the product or ballast system you're looking at will be compatible with that Malibu wakeboard boat of yours, just make your starting point our Malibu Boats hub page and rest assured that every product you're looking at will work with your boat.

    The brand hub pages are designed to save you time and effort when looking for information or products for your wakeboard boat or ballast system. After years of servicing the wakeboarding and wakesurfing community, it's become clear to us that when customers search for what they need they usually do so by searching for their boat's make, model, and year of the boat. So in order for your searches to produce the most relevant information, our team came up with a solution the problem nobody even knew they had. We simply put all the information you need to make the correct decision right at your finger tips. Not sure of the recommended weight distribution in your Supra? Start here at our Supra hub page. Or maybe your looking for some additional ballast for that Malibu Wakesetter of yours, to give you the ultimate wakesurfing wake. You'll find factory integrated ballast systems on our Malibu Boats hub page. It's as simple as that, just start your search at the boat manufacturers hub of your choice and away you go!

    So whether your searching for info or products for your Malibu, Supra, Nautique, Moomba or Mastercraft wakeboard boat, remember to start that search with one of our WAKEmakers hub pages. You'll save yourself some time and effort and be sure that whatever you're looking at is directly related to your wakeboarding or wakesurfing boat.Whatever your looking for, when it comes to building perfect wakeboarding or wakesurfing wakes, nobody else in the Industry can get it done like we can.

    Nautique Hub:

    MasterCraft Hub:

    Moomba Hub:

    Supra Hub:

    Malibu Hub:

  • Supra/Moomba BagBuster Ballast Upgrade (2002-2008)

    What it is: Supra/Moomba BagBuster Ballast Upgrade (2002-2008)

    This kit is designed for 2002-2008 Supra and Moomba wakeboard boats equipped with the Gravity III wakeboard ballast system from the factory. When a bag is selected and added to the kit, quick connects will already be cemented in just like the factory bags. Because any upgraded bag will be taller than the factory bag, we include a prefabricated fill hose extension that will quick connect to the factory hose. The extension is made with the same hose and fittings as the factory connection to simplify the install. The entire installation is completely plug-and-play, takes less than two minutes, and requires no modifications to your boat.

    For Use In:

    Bag Size Application
    No Bag Chose this option if you already have a Fly High Pro X Series ballast bag
    565 lbs Suitable for use in all 2002-2008 Supra and Moomba v-drive boats
    750 lbs Suitable for use in 2002-2008 Moomba Outback V, LSV and XLV boats and 2002-2008 Supra 20V, 21V, 22V and 24V boats.
    1,100lbs Suitable for use in 2006+ Moomba LSV and XLV boats and 2002-2008 22V and 24V boats.

    For specific questions on fitment, and for possible compatibility with other models, click here.


    • 400lbs - 42" x 16" x 16"
    • 565lbs - 42" x 19" x 19"
    • 750lbs - 50" x 20" x 20"
    • 1,100lbs - 50" x 24" x 24"
    • 1,450lbs - 108" x 25" x 25"

    Supra/Moomba Bagbuster Ballast Upgrade
    Starting at $19.95
    Buy Now »

    Buy the Supra/Moomba BagBuster Ballast Upgrade »

  • 2002-2008 Supra & Moomba Gravity Ballast System Upgrades

    Ever since we originally pioneered a number of upgrades to the factory ballast system in 2002-2008 Supra & Moomba boats we've had hundreds of customers that we've helped solve the many frustrating aspects and limitations of the Gravity III ballast system installed in their boats. Based on our experience we regularly have boat owners ask us for their options for fixing what is essentially a broken system. Based on that demand we've decided to write a number of blog posts, this one being the first, that will take you from the planning stages all the way through the installation process. So if you're fed up with slow fill times, tempermental draining, and a wakeboard ballast system that basically doesn't work, read on for the solution. If you have any questions at any point in time feel free to contact us.

    What's Wrong?
    There are three main issues with the factory Gravity III system Supra and Moomba installed from 2002-2008 (the ballast system was essentially identical throughout this entire process, with the exception of bag sizes, which vary by model and the day of manufacture):

    1) Slow Fill Times: This is a result of the fact that the factory system uses a single Rule aerator type pump to fill from one to three bags depending on how many switches you turn on at one. Additionally, the system uses solenoid valves designed for use in a below ground irrigation system to control the flow of water to each of the three bags. That means when you turn on the fill switch for a particular bag the system is engaging the fill pump AND opening the solenoid valve to that bag. The more bags you try to fill, the more the longer it's going to take as the output of the single fill pump is routed to all three bags by the solenoid valves.

    Additionally, the sprinkler valves are designed to maintain pressure (which is important for an irrigation system with retractable heads), but decreases volume significantly (which is what we're interested in for a ballast system). Removing the sprinkler valves would increase the speed of the system by close to 50%, but would sacrifice the ability to control which bag is filling because any time the fill pump is on it would be sending water to all three bags.

    2) Inconsistent Draining:  The factory system has an individual Rule drain pump for each bag.  Because aerator pumps are not self-priming it is crucial that the drain pump be mounted in close proximity to the bag it is draining (we prefer to have the pump mounted directly to the bag).  The Gravity III system has the pumps for the rear bags mounted approximately two feet away, which was down to preserve the appearance of the installation.  While it certainly is nice

    3) No Vent Connection:  In the factory configuration there are only two connections to each ballast bag; one for filling and one for draining.  While the drain connection can act as an overflow to prevent damage to the bag or boat if the fill pump is left on too long (a common occurrence due to the slow speed of the system), because it is connected to the bottom of the bag it does not allow air in the system to be vented.  That means the bag can have a significant amount of air trapped inside of it, which will limit the capacity of the bag.  This is especially a problem for the center bag, but can occur with all three.

    What's The Fix?
    Although the specifics can vary depending on goals, budget and time, there one system that will solve all of the issues that plague the Gravity III system:

    [button url=http://www.wakemakers.com/supra-moomba-ballast-system-upgrade.html]Buy our Supra/Moomba Gravity III Ballast System Upgrade»[/button]
    Other Options
    If you are content with the speed of the system and just want to enlarge the capacity of the bags for surfing or wakeboarding we do offer a factory upgrade kit for 2002-2008 Moomba and Supra wakeboard boats which includes everything necessary to replace the rear ballast bag with a larger capacity model (up to 1,450 pounds).

    [button url="http://www.wakemakers.com/wakeboard-ballast-packages/factory-wakeboard-ballast-upgrades?boat_make=22"]Buy Moomba and Supra Factory Ballast Upgrades »[/button]

    If you have any specific questions about upgrading the ballast system in your Supra or Moomba, feel free to contact us via email at sales@wakemakers.com or by phone at (888) 338-6085.

  • Stop Unwanted Filling And Draining With A Vented Loop

    Ballast System Vented Loop Application

    Whether you're designing a new ballast system, or trying to upgrade your existing system to fill and drain faster, one common question is how best to design the system so it is as uncomplicated (and also inexpensive) as possible.  One of the tools that we use when helping people design a custom ballast system is a product called a vented loop.

    As shown above, a vented loop is a "U" shaped plastic fitting that is installed in series with the fill pump when using aerator pumps.  During filling, the vented loop is invisible, functioning as a section of hose without any limitations.  The beauty of the vented loop only comes into play when the the fill pump is turned off, which means there are no drawbacks to implementing its use.  When water is not being forced through the fill hose, air (but not water) is allowed to pass through a vent at the top of the loop, which allows the column of water from the vented loop to the fill pump to drain down to the level of the pump.  

    It is this column of air (typically at least two feet long) that prevents water from siphoning into, or out of the ballast bag when the pump is not running.  Many people are under the impression that water is forced past the fill pump due to the boat running at speed, but it's not possible to develop that much pressure, and it actually just the siphoning process that allows the bag to fill or drain.  The vented loop solves that problem by creating a break in the column of water running from the pump to the bag, so siphoning is not possible.

    To function correctly, the vented loop needs to be installed close to the ballast bag in question, and as high above the water line as possible.  For forward ballast bags, the typical installation location is under the driver's dash up near the windshield.  In the back of the boat, up under the gunnel, whether in direct drive or v-drive boats, is typically the best location.

    If you have any other questions about the vented loop in particular, or ballast systems in general, please feel free to contact us.

    [button url=http://www.wakemakers.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=vented+loop]Shop for Vented Loops »[/button]

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