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  • The Best Wakesurfing Web Videos of 2013

    Advancements in the boating industry helped make 2013 the best year ever for wakesurfing. New technology like the Nautique Surf System (NSS), Supra Boats Swell Surf System, and Malibu Surf Gate helped push the sport to new levels. As we look back on the year, we thought it would be a great opportunity to share some of our favorite wakesurfing edits from 2013. We hope you enjoy and feel free to let us know about any edits that we missed in the comments section below.

    Land Locked with Chase Hazen

    Chase makes everything look easy on his 2014 Chase Sixer Wakesurf Board from Liquid Force. Filmed and edited by Patrick Wieland, this edit won the Tige MyWake Global Challenge in August for the Men's Pro Wakesurfing Division. Does your Tige Z3 put out a wake like this? If not, our ballast upgrade section can help you get that pro level wake quickly and easily.

    Land Locked featuring Chase Hazen from Patrick Wieland on Vimeo.

    Dominic Lagace Shred at Phucket Wakepark

    Dominic Lagace is another Liquid Force team rider that appears to be getting the most out of his Tige. If you enjoy world-class skim surfing and a breathtaking backdrop you're going to be a fan of this video. Lagace is riding his Liquid Force Doum Skim which is built for speed and massive airs.

    Dominic Lagace Shred at Phuket wakepark from [spot] on Vimeo.

    Wakesurfing in Mammoth Lakes with Tommy Czechin and Mike Morrissey

    After Tommy finishes up his half pipe shredding for the year he likes to hit the waterways at Mammoth Lakes with his Nautique 210 and TC Custom Skim Board.


    Phase 5 Media Shoot '13

    What happens when you take some of the worlds best wakesurfer's and give them 3 premium wakesurf boats and a private lake? The Phase 5 2013 Media Shoot. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this awesome edit from CB Filmz.

    Phase 5 Media Shoot '13: Part 3 - Phase 5 Wakesurfers from CB Filmz on Vimeo.

  • Correct Craft Quietly Introduces New Super Air Nautique G21 Wakeboard Boat

    Correct Craft has finally done it. The most anticipated wakeboard boat of the year has finally been announced. We welcome the brand new Super Air Nautique G21 with open arms. This new 21 foot wake machine will dominate the high end wake boat market. The cutting edge G series hull is already know within the wakeboard industry has throwing the best wake. Just from looking at the stats it appears that the new G21 has the same features at the G23 and G25 boats which is a feat of engineering. How did they get all that stuff in such a small package? They made it DEEP. Fingers crossed that Nautique will want to provide a G21 to WakeMAKERS as the official platform for us to get rad on. Check out what professional wakeboarders, Shaun Murray and Dirty Mike Dowdy, had to say about the boat.

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    “I have had the opportunity to ride behind the new Super Air Nautique G21.. There is not a wake in our industry close to the G-Series,” commented professional wakeboarder Shuan Murray.

    “Wow, Nautique has hit it out of the park again… It is amazing what they are doing with their new boats and particularly this new G21,” commented professional wakeboarder Mike Dowdy.


  • 2014 Super Air Nautique 210 and Super Air Nautique 230 Increased Factory Ballast Capacity

    2014 Nautique 210 230 Ballast System

    For 2014 Correct Craft has redesigned both the Super Air Nautique 210 and Super Air Nautique 230. The newly designed 210 has been blessed with 1750 lbs. of factory ballast which is a giant increase over the 906 lbs. that came standard in the 2013 model. The 230 boasts even more water weight with a jaw dropping 2100 lbs. which is a more impressive increase over the 1075 lbs. of ballast that was available in the 2013 version. Both of these boats should make a pretty healthy dent in the lake for both wakeboarding and wakesurfing. Taking a que from the G series the ballast now consists of soft sacs instead of bulky hard tanks.

    WakeMAKERS will have a drop in Nautique PnP ballast upgrade available for the 2014 boats as soon as they arrive. Check back for more updates as they become available.

  • G'ed Up - 2013 Super Air Nautique G21 G23 G25

    In the water sports industry 2013 will be known as the year of the G. Since the introduction of the G23 last fall we have seen nothing but progression from the athletes that have been graced with a pull. The G series Super Air Nautiques are producing, hands down, the best wakeboard wakes in the industry. I will go ahead and say it... MasterCraft might lose a little market share in the giant boat category too.

    The Nautique G21 hasn't been announced yet and will not be available until later this season but it could be the best wakeboard boat out of the three. With a smaller footprint less weight will be needed to displace it's massive hull deeper into the water. Word on the street is that the total ballast capacity will not be decreased giving this 21 foot boat true G status. If you are looking at a Nautique 210, Malibu VLX, MasterCraft X-10 or Tige Z1 hold off and go talk to your local Nautique dealer.

    A legend is born. The Nautique G23 produces a wake that dreams are made of. From my personal experience I can tell you it is good. Real real good. Everyone loves big wakes but this boat produces a clean wake from beginner line lengths all the way back to where JD and Danny ride. The most impressive feature about the G23 wake is the landing pad. I have ridden monster sized wakes in the past but catching that much air and landing in the flats does not do good things for the knees. Don't believe me... Go talk to Shane and Parks. Landing on the back side of this wake takes the worries away from hucking your meat. The Super Air Nautique G23 is the flag ship.

    Driving the Nautique G25 requires a captains hat and a cigar. The stock wakeboard wake is big with stock ballast but lets be honest. This thing is a surf machine. The G25 is a vessel made for large families, great parties, and day cruises in Miami Beach.  With some extra ballast and the Nautique Surf System will provide a massive wave. Stay tuned for a full review once we get a little more time in Correct Craft's new yacht.

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  • 2013 Correct Craft G23 Nautique Surf System Test


    We were lucky enough to test the all new Nautique Surf System equipped on a 2013 Correct Craft G23. Greg Waters and the service department at Active Water Sports just completed their first retrofit of the new device today and soon after hit the water. The system is very similar to Malibu's Surf Gate with one exception... The driver can change the shape of the wave while underway. This is done on the touch screen and has nothing to do with shifting ballast or people. As many others have stated the G23 is a beast with a lot of built in ballast but that does not mean we couldn't have used a little more today.

    For more questions about purchasing 2013 Nautique Boats Contact Greg Waters, greg@activeh2o.com.

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  • Nautique Surf System Equipped With Wave Plate

    ORLANDO, FLA (January 3, 2013) — Nautique is excited to introduce the Nautique Surf System (NSS) with WAVEPLATE technology, available on Super Air Nautique models. The Nautique Surf System creates a fully customizable surf wave at the press of a button. This completely new and innovative way of shaping the wave will make any wakesurfer’s experience more enjoyable than ever.

    The WAVEPLATE is an integrated design that when deployed extends outward and down from the transom intercepting and redirecting the flow of water to clean up the wake and form a surf wave unlike anything offered in our industry. This not only allows the ability to form a wave on either side instantly, but also allows for wave customization with variable intensity settings that adjust wave steepness and shape by controlling exactly how much the plate is engaged.

    Integrated into the Nautique LINC System, users have the ability to customize their settings instantly and save them in personalized profiles that store and automatically engage your preferred speed, ballast settings, and WAVEPLATE position.

    “The all-new Nautique Surf System with WAVEPLATE technology is just another example of the progression and forward thinking at Nautique,” stated Nautique CEO Bill Yeargin. “Last year our industry voted Nautique as having the industry’s Most Innovative Product and the NSS provides yet another innovative design by Nautique. It will change the sport of wakesurfing,” Yeargin added.

  • Fly High Pro X Series Super Air Nautique Additional Ballast System

    What it is: Fly High Pro X Series Super Air Nautique Additional Ballast System

    Fly High worked with the Correct Craft team riders to come up with a system that maximizes the size of the famous SAN wake. Fly High's Air Nautique wakeboard ballast system adds an additional 1,600 pounds of ballast by using three custom made ballast bags that integrate perfectly with the factory ballast system. That means you have almost 2,500 pounds of ballast available, and it's all controlled from the dash of your boat using the factory ballast switches. This kit also includes one Fly High Tsunami Pump and a Fly High Fat Brick to dial in the balance of the boat so the wake is even on both sides.

    For Use In:

    Take your Correct Craft Super Air Nautique 210, 220, 230 or 236 wake to the next level with the Fly High Pro X Super Air Nautique Additional Ballast package.

    Where It Goes:

    The Fly High Super Air Nautique Additional Ballast kit makes use of the factory ballast pumps and switches by integrating one additional ballast bag in the each rear locker, and one additional ballast bag underneath the seats in the bow. The custom ballast bags are tied into the factory system using the included fittings, so that once the factory tanks are full the additional Fly High sacs begin filling.

    For specific questions on fitment, and for possible compatibility with other models, click here.

    Ballast System Specifications:

    Size: (2) 42" x 16" x 16" - (1) Body: 20" x 29" x 12" Arms: 32" x 12" x 12"
    Capacity: (2) 400 lbs. - (1) 650 lbs.
    Ports: Fully Custom
    Model #: W760
    Available Colors: Grey

    Fly High Pro X Series Super Air Nautique Additional Ballast System
    Starting at $1250.00
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    [button url="http://www.wakemakers.com/fly-high-air-nautique-wakeboard-ballast-system.html"]Buy the Fly High Air Nautique Additional Ballast System »[/button]

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