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  • Ronix Introduces Camber Rocker Technology

    It's not everyday that we see a wakeboard company come to the table with a re-designed riding surface. We have seen terminology change but Ronix's camber is a totally different experience than riding a traditional rocker profile. They wouldn't have known unless someone went out and tried it.

    Check out the new line of Camber boards that Parks Bonifay, Erik Ruck, Marc Rossiter, and Shota Tezuka will be riding for the 2014 wakeboard season.

    Check out all of the 2014 Ronix Wakeboards with camber rocker technology.

    Shop 2014 Ronix Wakeboards with CamberĀ»

    2014 Ronix Wakeboards With Camber Rocker Technology:

    Ronix Parks Modello Wakeboard
    Ronix Parks Air Core Camber Wakeboard
    Ronix Bandwagon Air Core Wakeboard
    Ronix Bandwagon ATR Wakeboard

  • Ronix Eight.3 Plug and Play Ballast Bags Explained

    Check out the latest Plug-and-Play bag to hit the market. The Ronix Eight.3 PnP wakeboard ballast bags are in stock and available to ship. Check out this video of Jason going through a summary of what makes these bags better than other wakeboard ballast bags on the market. If you have waited to upgrade to a fully automated wakeboard ballast system the time is now.

    Shop Ronix Ballast Bags | Shop Ronix Ballast Fittings

  • New Ronix Eight.3 Ballast Bags Video

    Another new look at the Ronix Eight.3 Ballast Bags from the people who built them. Check out the speed at which these things fill and drain. Happy Friday!

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  • 2013 Ronix Eight.3 Ballast System Video

    Just another new innovation for the watersports industry from the boys at Ronix Wakeboards. The new Ronix Eight.3 Ballast Pump has a flow rate of 3,700 Gallons Per Hour. That is over 500lbs. of water per minute and that my friend, is incredibly fast.

    The Ronix Eight.3 Ballast Bag will have over sized ports to facilitate the best flow rates ever seen by human wakeboarders. There is a new way to drain your Ronix ballast bags. Flip open the top flap, pull the telescoping drain sleeve out, unzip the water proof zipper and throw your ballast pump inside the bag. This is the best way to eliminate air locking which has always been an issue with Aerator Ballast Pumps.

    The new Ronix 8.3 ballast system is constructed and designed for use by riders that need to fill and drain ballast bags fast. For wakeboarders this means you will no longer waste your time filling bags preparing to ride. Within a couple minutes the boat is loaded and you are ready to progress. For wakesurfers this means the process of changing between regular and goofy riders is cut to just a couple minutes using two bags and one pump. This is an entirely new way to think about how you spend your time on the water.

    [button url=http://www.wakemakers.com/eight-3]Shop Eight.3 Ballast Bags and PumpsĀ»[/button]
  • Ronix Eight.3 Ballast Bags Explained

    If you had any questions about how the Eight.3 Ballast Pump and bags worked together this should help. This graphic shows the bags new shape as well as fitting placement.

    Construction: The material used is very similar if not the same vinyl used to make Fly High ballast bags. The seams have been sonic welded and look to be a little wider than what is used by competitors. From the testing we have been able to do thus far the structural integrity is the same.

    Port Locations: There are going to be a mix of ports on the new Eight.3 bags which will allow riders to fill/drain with a 12v pump and integrate them as well. There will be an 1-1/2" high speed fill port on the top of the bag along side a multi functional port. On the end near the bottom will be a drain port for use with WakeMakers Piggy Back systems.

    Shape: Ronix has scrapped the traditional square or round shape for a new and improved trapezoid shape. This provides a base that stops the bag from wanting to roll when filling and draining. This feature alone will help so many boat owners.

    Eight.3 Ballast System

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