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  • Ronix BrainFrame Wakeboard Binding Technology

    From the company that brought the industry it's first baseless wakeboard bindings, comes their latest piece of aquatic innovation. The Ronix BrainFrame bindings took over 3 years, 100 prototypes, and 1100 hours of on the water testing before they released them for the 2015 season.

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  • #mydreamwakepackage Contest Winners Announced

    On behalf of all of us at WakeMAKERS we would like to say "Thanks" to everyone that participated in the #mydreamwakepackage contest. We would also like to thank Ronix and Liquid Force for teaming up with us and providing the gear!

     Joe Adams (Liquid Force Watson Package) and Anastazi Sarigiannis (Ronix Duke Longboard with Surf Rope) were the winners. If the photos below are any indication, it looks like Joe and Anastazi are pretty stoked about their new Ronix and Liquid Force gear.

    Liquid Force Watson Wakeboard Contest Winner

    Joe with his 2014 Liquid Force Watson Wakeboard Package.

    Ronix Duke Longboard

    Anastazi with his 2014 Ronix Duke Longboard.

  • Tech Tuesday #8: Wakesurf Board Construction Styles Explained

    Tech Tuesday WakeMAKERS

    Wakesurfing has quickly become the fastest growing watersport over the last few years. This explosion has also meant that more and more companies are investing in R&D and coming out with better construction methods and more advanced shapes. All of these different brands, shapes, and construction designs can be confusing if you're not sure how they all work. In todays edition of Tech Tuesday we are going to cover the 3 basic wakesurf construction types. This information should help you make a better informed decision about what type of wakesurf board you should purchase for your riding level and wake size.

    If you have any additional questions, please feel free to talk with one of our experts at (888) 338-6085 or email us at sales@wakemakers.com.

    Compression Molded

    Designed for riders that are new to the sport or naturally put their boards through more abuse. These boards offer the best value and amazing durability. Compression molding is the same technique that's used to build wakeboards, so it's easy to see why these boards are more durable than a foam and glass surfboard constructed style.

    Beginners usually opt for compression molded boards because they ride a bit slower and are more controlled behind the boat. Compression molded boards are less responsive than surf constructed boards and heavier, so they are generally regarded as a board for beginners to learn on. One of the benefits to buying a compression molded board is the fact that most of these boards fit in a traditional wake or surf rack on your boat. The thicker and more fragile surf style boards typically don't fit in racks or they can easily be damaged in rough water.

    Once you've mastered getting up and surfing without the rope you'll want to progress to a surf constructed board for better performance.

    Liquid Force Fish Rail

    Recommended Compression Molded Wakesurf Boards

    Liquid Force Fish Wakesurf Board $299.99 (Pictured Above)

    Ronix Cortez Wakesurf Board $349.99

    Liquid Force TC Custom Skim Wakesurf Board $499.99

    Epoxy Fiberglass/ Surfboard Construction

    Surf constructed boards are typically made from foam and then glassed over. These boards are similar to what you would see people using for ocean surfing. Surf style boards are faster, lighter, and more fragile than compression molded boards and they're the favorite for intermediate to advanced riders. These surfers have more float and are thicker which can make them too large to fit in a rack. What the boards might lack in durability they more than make up for in performance and speed.

    Surf Constructed boards are generally more expensive than compression molded surfers because they take additional time to build and the materials cost more.

    Ronix Koal Rail

    Recommended Surf Construction Wakesurf Boards

    Ronix Koal Fish Wakesurf Board $549.99 (Pictured Above)

    Liquid Force Custom Fiver Wakesurf Board  $579.99

    Ronix Koal Power Tail Wakesurf Board $579.99

    Hybrid Construction

    The newest construction style for wakesurfing borrows some popular technology from our ocean-bound brethren. If you've ever taken surfing lessons before there's a good chance you've used a board with a softer foam top and a slick base. These boards are durable, easy on the wallet and a great option to add to your wakesurfing quiver.

    Hybrid construction boards blend together multiple construction methods. A good example of this is the Ronix Marsh Mellow Thrasher because it features a soft foam top and compression molded construction. These boards are great for beginners and kids because it gives them a more forgiving platform to learn on and it can also helps protect the back of your boat in the occurrence that a rider shoots the board into it.

    Ronix Mellow Thrasher Rail

    Recommended Hybrid Construction Wakesurf Boards

    Ronix Marsh "Mellow" Thrasher Wakesurf Board $369.99 (Pictured Above)

    Ronix Women's Marsh "Mellow" Thrasher Wakesurf Board $369.99

  • Malibu Boats: Life Without Limits (Video)

    Here's a public service announcement from the fine folks at Malibu Boats. How do you live your #LifeWithoutLimits?

    Malibu Boats 2014 "Life Without Limits" from Malibu Boats on Vimeo.

    From Malibu: "We all get caught up in the hustle and grind of busy weeks with overwhelming schedules. Here’s a reminder to make your time on the water a priority this year and live your #LifeWithoutLimits. All of our tools and innovations allow you to disconnect, live in the moment and truly enjoy your boat." Malibu Team Riders: Chad Sharpe, Phil Soven, Amber Wing, Will Asher, Oli Derome and more give us a glimpse into what life is like when you have a Malibu boat.

    Malibu has continued a tradition of product innovation for 2014 with the introduction of the brand new LSV 23. The original running surface has not changed but the cabin space has been enhanced to provide a more comfortable time on the water. With the new WakeView lifting seat back, and massively deep storage, this boat has a truly new look and feel.

    The industry has raved about the stock wake performance of the 23 LSV due to innovations like the Hi Flo Plug and Play Ballast System, Power Wedge and of course the SURF GATE wakesurf wave enhancement device. The newest version of Malibu's SURF GATE has been upgraded for faster wave to wave surf transfers. Don't worry about not being notified of when the driver changes the wave. Malibu has added a audible horn on the transom and you can also order visual indicator light for the tower.

    *Don't want a stock surf wave? Here's our 2013-2014 Malibu/Axis HI FLO Plug N Play Ballast Kit so you can maximize your surf wake.

    We couldn't agree more with the Malibu mantra. Take the time this Spring and Summer to get out on the Lake or River with your friends and family! Time on a boat is always time well spent.

    Malibu Boats Wakesurfing

    Three Malibu Boats tied up

    Couple on Malibu Boat

    Amber Wing Malibu Boats

  • Eight.3 Wakeboard Ballast and Pumps Now Available at WakeMAKERS

    Eight.3 Wakeboard Ballast

    WakeMAKERS is excited to introduce Eight.3, a new wakeboard ballast bag and pump brand brought to us by the great people at Square One Distribution (Ronix/Radar). Whether you're a wakesurfer or wakeboarder, Eight.3 has the speed you need to spend more time behind the boat and less time filling up your ballast bags.

    The Eight.3 3700GPH submersible pump fills and drains 3 times faster than the other leading ballast pumps on the market. It's little brother the 3000GPH submersible pump is no slouch either.  With a bag fill rate of 417 pounds per minute, your boat will be weighted perfectly in a matter of minutes.

    Eight.3 Telescoping Bags available in 400, 800, and 1100lbs. 

    Both of the Eight.3 Submersible Pumps are designed to work with the 400, 800, and 1100lb. Telescope CTN Bags. The unique telescoping dry chamber gives you enough space to quickly and easily drop the Eight.3 Sub. Pump into the bag for lightening fast drain times. You can forget about dealing with air locking or re-priming and the unique trapezoidal shape helps reduce bag roll and keep your sacs right where you want them to be.

    Key Features

    • 4 Ports ( 1 high velocity port) (1 fill/vent port) (2 drain ports)
    • Available in Grey/Scuderia or Black/Juice
    • Fits in Most V-Drive Lockers
    • 1" Diameter Threaded Fill/Drain Ports
    • Laser Cut 26 Gauge Heavy Duty PVC Materials
    • High Strength Welded Seams


    Eight.3 Ballast Pump 3000GPH $149.99

    The Eight.3 Sub. Pump delivers a bag fill rate of 417 pounds per minute for fast filling and draining of the Eight.3 Telescoping Ballast Bags. This system easily plugs into your cigarette lighter with its 12ft. power cord. 10 feet of 1-1/2" heavy duty hose gives you plenty of length to drop the pump over the side of your boat.

    Key Features

    • 12AMP
    • Anti-Airlock Protection
    • Heavy Duty Waterproof Construction
    • Won't Burn Out When It Runs Dry
    • Stainless Steel Shafts
    • Rust & Corrosion Protection


    Eight.3 Ballast Pump 3700GPH $159.99

    With an incredible fill rate of 514 pounds per minute, the 3700GPH Submersible Pump will save you a ton of time. The fastest and most powerful pump on the market is finally on our shelves and ready to ship!

    Key Features

      • 20AMP
      • Anti-Airlock Protection
      • Heavy Duty Waterproof Construction
      • Won't Burn Out When It Runs Dry
      • Stainless Steel Shafts
      • Rust & Corrosion Protection
      • 3x Faster Than Any Competitors Pump

    Skeptical about the Eight.3 Bags and Pumps? Watch this video showcasing the Eight.3 Telescope CTN 400 vs. Fly High 400 with Tsunami Pump.

  • 5 Men's Wakeboard Packages Under $500

    Buying a wakeboard package is a great way to get the most bang for your buck. When you combine a wakeboard and bindings together you can save up to 40% off the price of buying them separately. With the cost of boating continuing to go up each year, we thought we would let you know about some great Men's Wakeboard Packages Under $500.

    Quality and performance doesn't always come with a big price tag. All of these wakeboard packages we're hand selected by our team and you can't go wrong with any of them. If you have any questions about picking the best one for your riding style feel free to give one of our experts a call at (888) 338-6085 or email us at sales@wakemakers.com.

    Ronix Vault/Divide Package

    Price: $369.99

    Ability Level: Beginner-Intermediate

    Hands down, the Ronix Vault with Divide Wakeboard Package is one of the best beginner wakeboard combos we've ever ridden! The Vault has a unique shape that gives riders more confidence when they are learning to toeside edge. Anyone who's been on a wakeboard before can tell you that toeside edging is often the hardest and most intimidating part of learning how to ride. When you couple the technology of the Vault with the comfort and highly adjustable fit of the Divide Bindings you get a game-changing wakeboard package at a great price. If you want performance and the versatility of a open toe binding all for under $400, the Ronix Vault with Divide Binding Package is second to none.

    2015 Ronix Vault Divide

    2015 Liquid Force Trip/Index Package

    Price: $349.99

    Ability Level: Beginner-Intermediate

    The Trip with Index is a staple in the Liquid Force line. This do-it-all shape was the first board for team riders Bob Soven, Collin Harrington and a bunch more. The aggressive, continuous rocker shape is designed to help you have fun on the water. The Index bindings offer you a smooth flexing upper and a Impact EVA footbed that gives you the protection you need to take your riding to the next level. A lot of people look at the price tag on the Trip/Index and think this board is strictly for beginners... think again. The Trip/Index is a great package for riders that prefer a more "locked-in" feel, because of the longer center fins. To top it all off, the Trip with Index Wakeboard Package is the cheapest Men's Wakeboard Package we offer at $349.99.

    2015 Liquid Force Trip with Index Package

    Liquid Force Classic/Domain Package

    Price: $379.99

    Ability Level: Beginner-Advanced

    Classics never get old... One of the best-selling shapes of all time is back for another year. Designed by Shawn Watson and Liquid Force to be consistent and smooth behind the boat, the Watson is a timeless board with an aggressive 3-stage rocker. If you want a pro-model wakeboard without a pro-model price tag the Classic should be at the top of your list. The Domain bindings 3-strap velcro system gives you the option to adjust your bindings quickly and easily so you can spend more time in the water and less time on the swim platform. Built in J-bars lock your heels in place for amazing hold and quick board response. We like this wakeboard package for riders that are looking to get their wake-to-wake riding dialed and start learning tricks.

    Liquid Force Classic with Domain Wakeboard Package

    Ronix District/Divide Package

    Price: $499.99

    Ability Level: Beginner-Advanced

    When designer Mike Ferraro called this wakeboard the best shape he's put out in nearly two decades of wakeboard design, it created a lot of buzz in the industry. The District features a continuous rocker outer rail and 3-stage inner give it the best of both worlds. You get huge pop off the wake and a fast and consistent ride when on edge. By conforming to each riders particular style the District allows you to progress without out-progressing the shape. Enough about the board, lets dive into the bindings. The 2015 Divide wakeboard bindings offer the revolutionary Ronix fit at a more affordable price tag. This open toe-binding offers a 3-D molded tongue for support and hybrid Stage 1 & 2 liners that keep their shape over time. Ridden by Chad Sharpe.

    2015 Ronix District/Divide Wakeboard Package

    Liquid Force Classic/Transit Package

    Price: $399.99

    Ability Level: Beginner-Advanced

    Designed for the weekend warrior who wants to save some cash without sacrificing on performance, the 2015 Liquid Force Classic/Transit Wakeboard Package is a boat riders dream. The board features a hybrid 3-stage rocker for excellent kick off the wake and the variable edge rails give you a forgiving center rail and a sharper edging tip/tail. A fuller tip shape and double concave tail helps accelerate water flow and gives you better drive and pop off the wake. The Transit bindings are also loaded with new features for 2015, including Control Liners and a Dual Zone Lacing System. Riders of all ability levels can appreciate the versatility an Open Toe binding like the Transit can offer.

    2015 Liquid Force Classic/Transit Wakeboard Package

    Shop All 2015 Wakeboard Packages>>

  • Ronix Welcomes Amber Wing to the Team


    Ronix made another big addition to their Women's Wake Team!

    Australian Magazine, Union Wakeboarder announced that Amber Wing has left her longtime sponsorship with Liquid Force to join Ronix.

    Here's the official Press Release:

    ‘Ronix is proud to announce one of the world’s most enduring and respected female riders has joined the Ronix Wakeboards Family.
    After 15 years of riding she is still at the top of her game. Her achievements are well known, but it’s not what she has done that inspires us now, it’s the possibilities that lie ahead! Amber Wing, welcome home!’

    Our guess is that she will be riding the Code 22 or the Faith Hope Love 

    Amber Wing riding Code 22 Wakeboard

    It looks like Lake Ronix is proving to be a huge tool for training and attracting talent throughout the industry. What athlete will Ronix sign next?

  • The El Von Videl Schnook Wakeboard Tested at Lake Ronix - Marc Rossiter

    With respect we must inform you that after filming this video Lake Ronix had to be shut down. There was no way anyone was going to drop more hammers than Marc on the current setup. The Ronix team is currently hard at work producing other features to reopen in hopes that it will make it harder for guys like Marc and Erik to show everyone else up.

    For 2104 Ronix has redesigned the El Von Videl Schnook Utility Nu Core Wakeboard to provide a base for both cable and boat riding. Last season the Schnook was hands down the most popular cable park board. With a training ground like Lake Ronix, Marc Rossiter, and the other members of the team are going to keep making products better season after after season. The best seat in the house will be where you are now as we get edits of the best riders in the world slaying rails with the system 2.0.

    [button url=http://www.wakemakers.com/ronix-el-von-videl-schnook-utility-wakeboard.html]Shop Ronix El Von Videl Schnook Utility Nu Core Wakeboard»[/button]
  • My Dream Wake Package Contest | WakeMAKERS.com


    WakeMAKERS.com is now carrying wakeboards, wakesurfers and other hardgoods and wants you to celebrate the expansion with them! Don't leave it up to Santa and his elves to deliver your dream wakeboard or wakesurf package - WakeMAKERS.com is giving two away for FREE with their “My Dream Wake Package” contest. All you need to do to (possibly) be a winner is pick out your dream 2014 wakeboard or wakesurf package from Liquid Force or Ronix and share it on social media. Sounds too easy right? Here’s the fine print:



    1. Send an e-mail to sales@wakemakers.com and include your favorite Ronix or Liquid Force wakeboard package (board & bindings) from this page: http://www.wakemakers.com/wakeboard-packages or wakesurf package (board & handle): http://www.wakemakers.com/wakesurf-boards Don’t forget to add your name and contact information.


    2. After your email is sent, get on Facebook or Instagram ASAP. You’ll need to post a photo of the wake package you want with the tags @wakemakers and #mydreamwakepackage in the post.


    3. DUE DATE: To be entered in the contest you have to do step 1 & 2 by JANUARY 1st 2014.


    4. FYI: Only one entry per person, we appreciate any hype about the new collaboration between WakeMAKERS.com and Liquid Force and Ronix, but to give people the best chance at winning you’ll only be entered once.


    5. Contestants must be current US residents, and winners will be contacted by e-mail on January 3rd 2014.

    *For more information please visit http://www.wakemakers.com/dream-wake-package

    Start picking out your Dream Wakeboard Package below:

     2014 Ronix Wakeboard Packages | 2014 Liquid Force Wakeboard Packages

    2014 Ronix Wakesurf Boards | 2014 Liquid Force Wakesurf Boards

  • Ronix Koal Power Tail - The Best Wakesurf Board You've Never Ridden

    2014 Ronix Koal Power Tail Wakesurf BoardCheck out the new 2014 Ronix Koal Power Tail Wakesurf Board at WakeMAKERS. A shipment of 2014 Ronix wakesurfers was just received into the warehouse yesterday. These first couple boards will not last long. They will definitely be sold out by Christmas or after our Wakeboard Black Friday sale this weekend. This is yet another excuse to put your O'Neill Wetsuit on and get out on the water. Winter is only a season and wakesurfing feeds your soul. This new board is worth a little chattering of the teeth.

    Shop 2015 Ronix Wakesurf Boards»

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