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  • Choosing The Right Wakesurf Board

    How to Choose A Wakesurf Board

    Over the past few years wakesurfing has become the fastest growing watersport for riders young and old. Nothing really compares to throwing in the tow rope and cruising behind the endless wave created by your boat.

    At we have a large selection of Wakesurf Boards and a staff that's friendly and knowledgeable. We try our best to use all of the product we sell, and if it's on our site there's a really good chance we've surfed it behind our shop boat. Our How To Guide on choosing a wakesurf board below should help you in your quest to find the perfect wakesurf board for you and the rest of your boat. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to give one of our wakesurf experts a call at (888) 338-6085 or email us at

    Board Length:

    Most boards range from 4' to 6' in length. There are benefits to both big wakesurf boards and small wakesurf boards and we will do our best to explain which one will work best for you.

    Big Wakesurf Boards 5' and up: Bigger wakesurf boards have more surface area, more float, and generate speed more easily. This makes them a great option for bigger riders and riders who are riding behind a smaller wake. The increased float also makes them a good option for beginners.

    Here's a list of bigger wakesurf boards we recommend:

    Ronix Koal Thruster Wakesurf Board in 5'1 and 5'7- From beginners to advanced riders, everyone can have fun on this playful and buoyant shape. Multiple fin adjustments give you the option to ride it with 3 fins for a tighter feel or a single fin for a looser and more playful ride.

    Ronix Koal Longboard in 4'10 & 5'4- The Ronix Koal Longboard is a crowd pleaser! The unique design and large surface area make the Koal Longboard fast and surprisingly maneuverable for a longboard.

    Small Wakesurf Boards 5' and under: Smaller wakesurf boards are great for advanced riders and lightweight riders. These smaller boards are easier to maneuver and air out of the wave, making them the board of choice for most advanced riders. These boards don't offer as much surface area as bigger boards, so they usually require a larger wave with more push. Visit our ballast section if you need help building a larger wake.

    Here's a list of smaller wakesurf boards we recommend:

    Ronix Koal Power Tail Wakesurf Board in 4'5 and 4'11- The Koal Power Tail is one of the most fun boards we've ever ridden. This board delivers the speed and agility of a small board with the push of a larger wakesurfer due to the increased size of the tail.

    Liquid Force Chase Sixer Wakesurf Board in 4'4 and 4'8- Re-designed for 2015, the new Chase Sixer is faster and it offers a ton of different fin configurations. Ridden and designed by World Champion Wakesurfer Chase Hazen, the 2015 Sixer can handle anything you throw it's way.

    Slingshot T-Rex Wakesurf Board- The Slingshot delivers the best of both worlds. With the push of a longboard and the maneuverability of a short board, the T-Rex gives you excellent push for a shorter board without sacrificing any slashing ability.

    Skim or Surf Style:

    Most wakesurf boards come in two different styles: Skim Style and Surf Style.

    Skim Style boards are thinner and less buoyant. They are generally better for doing spins (180's & 360's) because they feature shorter fins and less overall resistance. We recommend skim style wakesurfers for more advanced riders because they offer less floatation and control. The Phase 5 Matrix and the Slingshot Skim Bender are both good examples of  skim style wakesurf boards.

    Surf Style boards are similar to their ocean counterpart. They are thicker, more buoyant and they feature longer fins for a more controlled feel on the wake. We recommend surf style boards for beginners because they are easier to learn on. The Ronix Koal Longboard is a good example of a surf style wakesurf board.

    Construction Styles:

    Compression Molded wakesurf boards are made using the same construction as a wakeboard. This makes them a great option for beginners because they are more durable than surf constructed boards. Compression molded boards tend to be heavier and less responsive that surf constructed wakesurf boards so they are generally regarded as a beginner board.

    Epoxy Fiberglass/Surfboard Construction boards are made from a foam core and covered in a layered glass. This makes the boards lightweight, but they are also much more fragile than compression molded wakesurf boards. The speed and performance of these boards makes them a favorite for more advanced riders.

    Hybrid construction is when a manufacturer uses a blend of construction styles. The Ronix Mellow Thrasher is a good example of this because it features a soft foam top and compression molded construction. These boards are great for beginners and kids because it offers them a forgiving platform to learn on. The performance is more sluggish than compression molded and surf constructed boards because the foam top dampens the reaction between your feet and the board.

    Rocker Lines: 

    Rocker lines play a big roll in how a wakesurf board rides behind the boat. In general, boards with less rocker ride smoother and faster on the water and boards with more rocker are a slower and tend to "drag" more.


    Just like a wakeboard, the rail on a wakesurf board gives you the "bite" or forgiveness you need. Boards with a thin rail offer more grab and response behind the boat and boards with a thicker rail are typically slower to respond to your body movement.

    Ropes & Handles:

    We can't emphasize enough how important it is to have a wakesurf specific rope for safety and for a more enjoyable riding experience. Using a wakeboarding rope is extremely dangerous, so we highly recommend spending a few extra dollars to get a wakesurf specific rope.

    Wakesurf ropes are usually 25ft. in length and they come in a few different styles:

    Knotted Ropes: Straight Line Knotted Surf Rope-$34.99

    T-Bar Ropes: Liquid Force Surf Rope T-Grip-$64.99

    Rope and Handle Combo: Ronix Bungee Wakesurf Rope W/Handle-$49.99

    We have a large selection of wakesurf ropes with or without handles available here.

    Boat Speed:

    We recommend starting your speed off at 10-11mph. If you're in very shallow water you may need to increase the speed in order to get enough push to drop the rope.

    Weighting Your V-Drive Boat for Wakesurfing:

    Want to surf without the rope? Of course you do. Click here for our guide on "Weighting Your V-Drive Boat For Wakesurfing".





     Need more information on weighing your boat for wake surfing? Send us an email at sales@wakemakers or (888) 338-6085

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